Hair loss man went to hair increase station to pray for hair increase one year later

 Hair loss man went to hair increase station to pray for hair increase one year later

Japanese netizen yasupondor for comparison (screenshot of twitter)

Overseas network, Jan. 2 - Japan has many interesting station names, such as Zengmao station in Hokkaido, which means Zengmou station in Japanese. Although the station was abandoned in 2016, due to the name of the station, many hair loss people still come to the station to pray for additional hair. Recently, a Japanese man tweeted a comparison of his last years and recent zengyo stations. The tweet quickly became popular, with more than 60000 hits, because the photos made many netizens laugh and cry.

In 2018, Japanese netizen yasupondor prayed at Zengmou station (nicovideo website)

According to the report of Japanese website nicovideo and Dongsen news cloud, Japanese netizen yasupondor had heard the rumor that he had come to Zengmao station to pray for the realization of Zengmao. At the end of 2018, he went to this abandoned station in Hokkaido to pray for the success of the zengmio and save the bald crisis.

On December 29, 2019, the netizen once again came to zengmiao station to pray, stood at the same position and took another photo, and also tweeted the two-year comparison photos. Recent photos show him in a big red coat, hands folded, as if to say, please, zengmiao station!

However, by carefully comparing the two photos, the netizen found that his hair volume did not increase at all, but the hair above his head also decreased, developing towards the Mediterranean trend. And it seems to be getting fat.

This group of sad contrast makes many netizens laugh and cry. Many netizens left comments and said, isnt this hair reduced? Ah... Well, in a word, wipe your tears first. it seems that your hair doesnt stop falling fast. Its just the feeling of weight gain... this makes the station name look more sad.. More netizens make fun of helping him to put on his hair and finish his wish.

Zengmou station (nicovideo website)

Zengmao station of Hokkaido originally belonged to LIUMENG line of Hokkaido passenger railway (JR Hokkaido), but the passenger capacity was very small. In 2014, the average daily passenger capacity was only 11, and the number of passengers getting on and off was 23. In 2016, because the road connecting LIUMENG station was abolished, Zengmao station also became a disused station.

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