The headquarters of Hong Kong thug underground radio was leaked to Hong Kong Police

 The headquarters of Hong Kong thug underground radio was leaked to Hong Kong Police

The headquarters of Hong Kongs thug underground radio was found to have leaked the polices prevention and assistance of violence (source: ~)

After an in-depth investigation, five key members of Hong Kong police were arrested yesterday (1) when they smashed the underground radio station of black clad thugs for the first time. Hong Kong police also seized a number of communications equipment, air guns, axes and sharp knives and other weapons, not excluding the arrested rioters prepared to use them in illegal activities.

Relay antenna (picture source: public network)

At 12:45 yesterday (1), Hong Kong drug investigation officers raided a number of target locations, including Hong Kongs Paoma Di, xiumaoping and Tsim Sha Tsui districts, and arrested three men and two women on suspicion of aiding in riot crimes and violating the Telecommunications Ordinance, according to Wen Wei Po and

According to Hong Kong media, Hong Kong police yesterday (1) seized a radio transceiver, antenna and high-frequency radio from a target residential unit in xiumaoping. It is believed that the above address unit is the headquarters of underground radio. In order to strengthen the coverage of underground radio, it is necessary to install a mid turn radio at the high point. Hong Kong police later seized the radio transfer equipment believed to be illegally installed by two arrested people in zhaden mountain, Ramadi. In addition, they seized 9 suspected illegal high-frequency radios, which are believed to be used by the arrested mobs for illegal actions.

Medium and high frequency radios seized by Hong Kong Police (source: Wen Hui Po, Hong Kong)

According to the report, the police in Hong Kong have found that there are people behind the mob in black suspected of distributing information such as the location of the police in Hong Kong through illegal radio broadcasting to help the mob attack Hong Kong police to enforce the law and evade police pursuit. In addition, many suspects have been found in the target residence and personal belongings of the mob in previous arrests Illegal high-frequency radio, I believe there is an underground radio behind the mob for support.

After an in-depth investigation, the Hong Kong Police locked five key members of the operation of underground radio. The arrested three men and two women (25-68 years old) are the backbone members of the mob underground radio. They are respectively suspected of helping the riot, committing the telecommunication regulations, hiding imitation firearms and hiding offensive weapons. They reported that they worked in banking, retail, engineering and retirees, some of whom had amateur radio broadcasting expertise.

It is reported that the underground radio of the mob began to provide information about the deployment of Hong Kong police for the rioters in October last year (2019), and then it was forwarded to the online social networking platform to help the mob in black to attack Hong Kong police law enforcement and evade the pursuit of the police.

In addition, Hong Kong police also seized an air gun, four axes, seven sharp knives, two bullet proof vests and a retractable stick, which could be used to launch iron beads, at the residence of a 33 year old thug. The arrested thug was again involved in the crime of possession of offensive weapons and imitation firearms.

Hong Kong police said that under the Telecommunications Ordinance, users and publishers of high-frequency or high-power telecommunications equipment need to be licensed. Otherwise, it would be illegal to provide communication support to thugs. On suspicion of helping thugs, they can be sentenced to up to 10 years imprisonment on conviction. Hongkong police said all the radio equipment involved has been further tested, and the investigation is continuing. No more people will be arrested.