Hkcuhk President: hkd70 million is required for campus restoration

 Hkcuhk President: hkd70 million is required for campus restoration

At present, the opening day of the second semester of universities in Hong Kong is getting closer and closer. Duan Chongzhi, President of CUHK, revealed in an interview recently that CUHK expects to pay as much as 70 million Hong Kong dollars (1 Hong Kong dollar is about 0.89 yuan), which will be borne by CUHK itself.

According to the Star Island Daily reported on January 2, Duan Chongzhi revealed in an exclusive interview that the damage in the school has now been roughly counted, and the damage of various equipment is being repaired to resume operation before the second semester.

Duan Chongzhi (middle) was illuminated by a laser pen in a speech last October from Hong Kong media

MTR University Station was reopened at the end of last month. There are also new temporary arrangements for the campus transportation of CUHK today (2), including seven shuttle bus routes operating from early morning to late evening and two shuttle bus routes operating at night and on holidays respectively.

Duan Chongzhi admitted that there are 75 school buses, including 14 buses and other small vehicles, which cannot operate normally after being damaged by outsiders. They need to be cleaned, repaired or re purchased. The expenditure of this part alone is estimated to have accounted for more than 30 million Hong Kong dollars. Together with the repair of other campus equipment, the overall expenditure is between 55 million Hong Kong dollars and 70 million Hong Kong dollars..

The money is an extra expense for the University, Duan said, adding that CUHK will bear the cost on its own.

According to the report, the board of Trustees of CUHK has agreed to allocate funds from the Universitys financial reserves. Hong Kong $70 million is more than enough for CUHK, which has a financial surplus of 1.6 billion in recent years. If it does not ask the SAR government or the university education funding Committee (UGC) for funds, it will avoid any further controversy.

Big city loss may reach nine figures

The campus also has a damaged city. The university emergency response team has revealed earlier that in the past six months, the operation of the university has been seriously affected and the campus has been destroyed on a large scale. According to the preliminary assessment, the costs and losses involved have reached the nine digit figure of Hong Kong dollar; the recent social unrest also has an impact on enrollment, tuition revenue and donations.

Star Island Daily quoted a source as saying that the most severely damaged students restaurants and 1 / F of the administrative building of citywide university are not as serious as those of the University and the University. However, there are not a few projectors, screens and computers damaged indoors. It is believed that each projector will cost more than 10000 yuan, and this amount should not be underestimated..

It is reported that, together with the current expenditure on additional security and campus control personnel, the metropolitan government has allocated advances from the Universitys financial reserves to speed up the restoration of the University by the beginning of the second semester.

On the evening of November 11, 2019, the headmasters office of Chengda was broken by rioters. Photo source: Facebook of Chengdu University Students Association

As for the cost of the restoration involved in the event, which party should be responsible for it? According to the source, Chengda will discuss with the president meeting of the Eighth National Congress later, whether the university should bear it or the UGC can bear and bear most of it? All these should be agreed first, and then discussed with the UGC..

As for the University, which once had more than one thousand rioters hiding and being blocked by the police for 12 days, the damage was particularly serious. The report said that although the school has not disclosed the repair cost so far, the estimated amount will be much higher than that of CUHK and CityU.

The source of the campus of PolyU after being occupied by thugs: Hong Kong Wenhui

It is worth noting that in November last year, the SAR government temporarily withdrew funding applications from three universities, including HK $59.7 million for the construction of a teaching and research complex in ZTE and HK $340 million for the expansion of the HKUST library. At that time, the SAR government said that some members had raised concerns about the allocation to the government, which needed more time to lobby and explain.

In addition, from next week, universities in Hong Kong will start the second semester of 2019-2020 in succession, and CUHK will take the lead in opening school on January 6 (next Monday); in addition, according to the University and City University calendars, the two schools are scheduled to open on January 13.

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