Wuhan pneumonia patients: the family members who have fever abated for one week and are not highly infectious have not been examined

 Wuhan pneumonia patients: the family members who have fever abated for one week and are not highly infectious have not been examined

Previously, according to the report of Wuhan health and Health Commission on December 31, 2019, in the afternoon, some medical institutions recently found that a number of pneumonia cases received were related to South China Seafood City. After receiving the report, the municipal health and Health Commission immediately carried out a case search and retrospective investigation in the citys medical and health institutions. At present, 27 cases have been found, including 7 cases of serious illness and the rest cases of illness The condition was stable and controllable. 2 cases were expected to be discharged in the near future.

According to the report, the clinical manifestations of the case were mainly fever, a few patients had dyspnea, and the chest radiograph showed infiltrative lesions of both lungs. At present, all cases have been isolated for treatment. The follow-up investigation and medical observation of close contacts are in progress. The hygiene investigation and environmental sanitation disposal of South China Seafood City are in progress.

On the afternoon of January 2, 2020, Mr. Zheng, a 69 year old patient who is currently undergoing treatment, told the interface news by phone that he had been treated in Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as Tongji Hospital) it was all better, and he was transferred to Jinyintan hospital after reexamination last Friday.

According to the public information, Wuhan Jinyintan hospital (formerly Wuhan Medical Treatment Center) is a designated hospital for medical treatment of public health emergencies in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, as well as a designated hospital for treatment of liver disease, tuberculosis, AIDS, schistosomiasis, hand foot mouth disease, human infection with h7n9 avian influenza and other diseases in Hubei Province. At the same time, the hospital is also a third class a specialized hospital directly under Wuhan health and Family Planning Commission, and a clinical base of traditional Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases under the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine.

Because it is the flu season, there are more upper respiratory tract infections in hospitals in Wuhan, so it is difficult to register. Jinyintan hospital outpatient building guide to the interface news said, for the general upper respiratory tract infection patients, they are recommended to go to other hospitals for treatment, the hospital is an infectious disease hospital, at present is mainly for the treatment of confirmed pneumonia patients, must be a high fever above 38 degrees, take the medicine has no effect.

According to reports, the hospital managed the patients with pneumonia of unknown causes. Mr. Zhengs ward had three patients, two of whom were merchants of South China seafood wholesale market. The patients here do not receive too much treatment in the conventional sense, but the doctors will come to the ward every day to measure the temperature, and do not allow the patients to contact with the outside world.

On the afternoon of January 2, the interface news saw on the fourth floor of the South Building of Jinyintan hospital that the iron door outside the infectious disease ward had been closed tightly, and the sign at the door said, to all the family members: all the daily necessities required by the patients should be delivered from 3 to 4 p.m., packed in bags, and written with the patients serial number and name. Thank you for your cooperation. (no reception at other time)

According to Mr. Zhengs wife, his family lives in a community near the South China seafood wholesale market. Because they are responsible for the purchase business of a hotel in Jingzhou, they often contact the South China seafood wholesale market.

On December 12, Mr. Zheng began to have a fever and went to a hospital in Wuhan city for examination. He was diagnosed with pulmonary infection. Later, he went to Tongji Hospital for hospitalization. After treatment, the fever subsided. After burning for two weeks, he had no taste and could not eat. Its been a week now.

According to the discharge record issued by Tongji Hospital, the patient was admitted to the hospital because of repeated shivering and fever for 11 days Considering the possibility of virus infection (adenovirus), excluding the possibility of organic pneumonia, it is recommended to reexamine after clinical treatment. It is suggested to transfer to Wuhan Jinyintan hospital for further treatment.

From the report, Tongji Hospital has done a lot of virus tests for Mr. Zheng, and the main drugs used are anti infective drugs, including linezolid glucose injection, acalmicin sulfate injection, moxifloxacin hydrochloride injection, etc.

On December 29, 2019, Mr. Zheng was transferred to Jinyintan hospital. According to family members, after transferring to Jinyintan hospital, each patient first handed in 2000 yuan. The hospital had drawn blood twice for Mr. Zheng. At present, there is no infusion, mainly taking oral medicine. The doctor did not make further explanation for the condition.

Ms. Huang, the family member of the patient, told interface news that her husband, 40, was also a hotel purchaser and had a fever for a week last month, during which he did not eat. At first, he was treated in a small nearby hospital. Later, he was transferred to Tongji Hospital. After checking the blood picture, he was diagnosed with pneumonia. The doctors in Tongji Hospital asked in detail, and the CDC also participated.

Later, the patient was hospitalized in Tongji Hospital for two days. The doctor said there was no specific medicine, and we were very worried. Ms. Huang said that on January 1, the doctors in the respiratory department of Tongji Hospital said they would concentrate on treatment. Later, the patients were transferred to Jinyintan hospital and had a fever of 40 degrees when they arrived.

I didnt ask me to check it when I lived with him, which means its not contagious, and its a good thing. Ms. Huang said that Jinyintan hospital has set up isolation wards for pneumonia patients, each of which can accommodate five to six people. Here, patients are allowed to carry mobile phones, but not to contact with the outside world.

Previously, Wuhan health and Health Commission had reported that no obvious human to human phenomenon and no infection of medical staff had been found in the cases of pneumonia of unknown causes. At present, the detection of pathogens and the investigation of the causes of infection are in progress.

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