Womens home was obscene by heating workers: many times home debugging without pants

 Womens home was obscene by heating workers: many times home debugging without pants

The woman said that when the incident happened, the heating worker came to the house to test the heating. Picture provided by interviewee

In November 2019, Ms. Zhu of Luoyang claimed to be sexually assaulted by the staff who came to install the heating. In the past 50 days, the police still havent caught anyone. After the incident was exposed by Henan TV station, it caused heated discussion on the Internet.

Beijing News reporter learned from Luoyang public security bureau that Ms. Zhu, 22, reported to Luolong police station on November 8 last year that she had been molested by heating maintenance personnel at home.

Incident area. Picture provided by interviewee

The reporter of the Beijing News learned from Ms. Zhu involved that before the incident, the heating worker and her colleagues had been to his home for heating debugging for many times. Usually, she was alone at home. On the day of the incident, she was playing with the computer. When the man involved touched her, she reacted and ran to the door instinctively. According to his description, he didnt wear pants.

Today (January 2) afternoon, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Luolong police station that Liu, the man involved, had been arrested at a construction site in Mengjin County yesterday (January 1). After investigation, the police believe that Lius illegal act does not constitute a crime of indecency, according to the Public Security Management Punishment Law, he was punished by administrative detention for 15 days.

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