Two men stand up to the police with knives and sticks: put the knife down!

 Two men stand up to the police with knives and sticks: put the knife down!

Video ufe31 two men stand up to the policewoman bravely with swords and sticks: put the knife down! (source: video synthesis)

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, the policewoman is also gentle and elegant, and it will not have such a thrilling experience as the policewoman. But when they face the danger, they will stand out fearlessly and without hesitation. On December 17, two men in Luzhou confronted each other in the street with knives, and Wang Xian, the policewoman, rushed forward bravely.

At 1:00 p.m. on December 17, texing police station of Longmatan District Public Security Branch of Luzhou city received the instruction from 110 Center: there was a dispute in the home of a resident in a street of texing Town, which required the police to deal with it immediately. Wang Xian, the policewoman on duty that day, rushed to the scene immediately with her colleagues.

According to Wang Xian, it turned out to be a neighborhood dispute. After a quarrel between the police officer Yang and his neighbor Zhang about dumping garbage, the family members of both sides came out to join in the swearing war to escalate the situation. When Wang Xian was about to take them back to the police station for mediation, the two hostesses began to fight. One of their husbands took out a fruit knife, and the other ran to find a steel pipe nearby, ready to do a life and death job.

Due to the location of the incident in the residential area, there are many onlookers around. Wang Xian, a policewoman, takes into account the emotional excitement of the two people. If there is a little carelessness, it will cause casualties. To avoid the mass being injured by mistake, she advised the surrounding people to stay away from her while slowly approaching the two people holding knives and sticks. At this time, Wang Xian had no time to think about her own safety. She stood between the two and pulled their distance apart, afraid that they would start a dead fight.

After Wang Xians strong dissuasion, the two men gradually calmed down, put down their swords and sticks and went back to the police station with Wang Xian for further investigation.

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