When the black bosss model worker beat his photographer on the night of winning the award

 When the black bosss model worker beat his photographer on the night of winning the award

Guanhaijie Bureau noted that on January 2, the procuratorial daily published an article since young master became community Secretary, which disclosed the story behind the case of Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju, the black boss of Shandong Province.

Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju are mother son relationship. On December 26 last year, the court ruled that Zhang Chen, his son, had been sentenced for 25 years and Zhao Wenju, his mother, for 20 years.

Abusing, beating and splashing feces on the reported residents

First, Id like to introduce Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju.

Zhang Yunqiu, Zhang Chens father, was once Secretary of the Party committee of Qingyun community. In June 2010, Zhang Chen took over his fathers work in Qingyun community of Xintai City and served as the assistant director of the neighborhood committee and director of the demolition office.

Then how did he become the top one?

According to the procuratorial daily, just six months after Zhang Chen went to work in the community, he and others went to Qingyun Community Party committee to make trouble after drinking, forcing the former party secretary and director of the neighborhood committee who had just been in office for less than half a year to resign.

After that, Zhang Chen became Secretary of the Party committee of Qingyun community step by step.

Zhang Chen has been reported by residents.

At the end of 2011, 9 community residents in Qingyun community jointly reported the demolition problem, which implied that Zhang Chen and her father had the problem of illegal crime.

However, the report letter fell into Zhang Chens hands.

Later, Zhang Chen and others abused, beat, intimidated, damaged property and spilled excrement on the 9 community residents and relatives.

On June 25, 2012, Zhang Chen cancelled all community welfare benefits such as pension, funeral, cemetery, relief, subsidy and so on for the nine community residents and their relatives, resulting in relatives unable to settle down, children unable to enter the school, after death unable to enter the public forest, and the residence was cut off from water and electricity for up to two years. Some people are forced to leave their homes.

In September 2015, Liu Mou, a former cadre of the village committee, objected to Zhang Chen.

The next day, Zhang Chen gathered and ordered others to beat, abuse and illegally detain the cadre. Under duress, Liu had to lie to the police that he was injured by a fall, which had nothing to do with Zhang Chen, and said that no police intervention was needed before he was allowed to leave the hospital.

The night he was given a model worker, he beat up a full-time photographer

Zhang Chens parents and himself have successively won the title of model worker, which has also been called model workers home.

His father Zhang Yunqiu was honored as model worker of Shandong Province by Shandong provincial government in 2003; his mother Zhao Wenju was honored as model worker of Xintai City by Xintai municipal government in 2014; Zhang Chen was honored as model worker of Taian City by Taian Municipal Peoples Government in 2012 and National May 1st Labor Medal in 2017.

In April 2018, Zhang Chen was also awarded the title of model worker of Shandong Province, and as the award-winning representative, she boarded the rostrum to receive the award.

The Bureau noted that Zhang Chen also found a full-time photographer to serve him when he received the award.

During the meeting, another representative next to Zhang Chen asked the photographer to take a picture as a souvenir. Because the photographer pressed the shutter more than once, at the celebration banquet that night, he was beaten by 11 members of Zhang Chens family and some Qingyun community staff in the form of face fans, fists, kicks, sticks and so on.

In his early years, he beat the detainees in the detention house

It is disclosed that Zhang Chen is honored as secretary and young master in the organization, and his mother Zhao Wenju is honored as old lady.

According to the official confirmation, in 1998, Zhang Chen was detained twice for disturbing the public order and making trouble, and was reeducated through labor for two years; in 2003, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment by Xintai City Court for the crime of intentional injury (causing death to the victim).

The Bureau noted that at 10:20 p.m. on May 29, 2003, Zhang Chen, an executive prisoner outside prison, beat Zhang Wei, a detainee, at the Xintai detention center.

He was treated so well in custody that we all went out to work in the morning, but he could sleep in the prison room, the report said

Behind all this, there is Zhang Chens mother.

Official confirmation, as early as Zhang Chen was detained, Zhang Chens mother will find police ninghonglei, to provide convenience for Zhang Chen. As early as during Zhang Chens detention, his mother Zhao Wenju had many phone calls with Ning Honglei, with the longest time of more than 1000 seconds.

Beating up ones own

According to the disclosure, since Zhang Chen served as the director and secretary, the community police office has been equipped with unified rubber sticks, walkie talkies, patrol cars and uniforms. The patrol team has to arrange for their home to stand guard, and when they see Zhang Chen, they must stand up and shout Secretary. Even if he wants to join the party, he will join it.

Zhang Chen cant let go of her own people.

At the beginning of 2017, Ma, a member of the organization, was hospitalized due to illness. Bai, his wife, sent a text message to persuade him to work less and rest more. This caused Zhang Chen dissatisfaction. That afternoon, Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju went to baimous unit and home, beat baimou with fan face and other methods, and ordered him to kneel down and admit his mistake.

They also asked Ma and his wife to return the house in Qingyun community where they had lived for three years at the original price. Zhao Wenju asked Ma and his wife to move away overnight. At the beginning of the second month of the lunar calendar, it was very cold and precipitous. Ma and his wife were displaced that night with their children who were several months old.

According to the procuratorial daily, the underworld organizations headed by Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju have monopolized the construction projects in Qingyun community and surrounding areas within six years, making a profit of more than 300 million yuan.

The court finally held that the criminal organizations organized and led by Zhang Chen have four characteristics of underworld organizations and should be recognized as underworld organizations according to law; as organizations and leaders, Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju should bear criminal responsibility for all crimes committed by the criminal organizations according to law; other members of the organizations should bear corresponding responsibility for their respective crimes.

Zhang Chen was sentenced to twenty-five years imprisonment for several crimes, such as organizing and leading underworld organizations, corruption, occupation, bribery, provocation, theft, extortion, forced insult, illegal invasion of houses, obstruction of testimony, illegal detention, collusion in bidding, forced trading and so on.

Zhao Wenju was sentenced to 20 years in prison for leading underworld organizations and other similar crimes committed by Zhang Chen.

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