Husband buys new years products for parents; wife gets angry on the spot; client: returned goods

 Husband buys new years products for parents; wife gets angry on the spot; client: returned goods

The husband buys new year goods for his parents and the wife is furious on the spot

Recently, a video of husband and wife quarreling spread on the Internet. Its not unusual to stumble and quarrel, but the reason for the quarrel is astonishing.

This video was released on December 31, 2019. In the video, a woman holding her mobile phone yells at her husband in the community: thousands of dollars, big brother! Why dont you consult with me?

The husband kept explaining in a low voice. The wife was still angry. She pushed her husband from time to time, stamped her feet and shouted angrily, of course it is! He also grabbed a bag of oranges from his husbands hand and threw them on the ground: the oranges you bought in the supermarket are all on sale, so it took thousands to buy new years products for your parents!! Today you have to give me a refund. If you dont, dont want to go home!

Then the wife walked into the unit door, and the husband stayed in place, hanging his head and wiping the corner of his eyes.

After the video was sent out, it was forwarded by many netizens. Some netizens support the wife and think its distrust and disrespect for her to spend money on her parents without discussing with her. Some netizens sympathize with the man and think its good to be filial to the old man. It depends on his wifes temper. If its discussed before, maybe nothing will be bought.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily contacted Ms. Zhang in the video. Ms. Zhang said she had seen the video among the community owners and felt very embarrassed.

Ms. Zhang said that she and her husband are both from other places. They work in Beijing and usually dont earn much. My husband didnt work three months ago, and the family was under great economic pressure. This year, they went to her husbands hometown for the Spring Festival. Unexpectedly, her husband did something that made her very angry.

Yesterday (December 30, 2019) morning, I found that he bought thousands of things in Jingdong to send to his hometown and wanted to show filial respect to the elderly. Ms. Zhang said that her husband usually buys online, mainly for daily necessities at home. This time, he mainly buys drinks, seafood, dried fruits and other new years products.

Its right to go back home and bring some new years products. Im not unreasonable, but you have to discuss with me. The economic conditions of every family are different. Our family has a house loan and usually spends a lot. In addition, he has no income for three months. This time, he spent a lot. I disagree. I think that in addition to filial piety to the old man, there is also a reason why he cant put down his face. He wants his family to think that he has a good life in Beijing and doesnt need money. Isnt that to live with face and suffer?

Ms. Zhang said that after her husbands online shopping, the goods are already on the way and will be delivered soon. She hurriedly contacted Jingdong for a refund.

Now Ms. Zhang has made up with her husband. She said that she was impulsive at that time, and it was unnecessary to have such a big fire. Now they are together to discuss what to bring home, and dont want others to pay too much attention to their family affairs.

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