Taiwans Black Hawk helicopter crashed and chief of staff took office only half a year ago

 Taiwans Black Hawk helicopter crashed and chief of staff took office only half a year ago

Taiwans Defense Department held a temporary press conference at the headquarters of Songshan base. Taiwans Air Force Commander solid base said that there were 13 people on board, excluding the chief pilot, copilot and foreman, and 10 people went to the comfort trip. The plane took off from Songshan at 7:54 a.m. and disappeared from the Wuli mountain at 105 degrees / 16 nautical miles of Songshan at 8:7, finally in the valley of the Houxi river.

The Defense Department also said earlier that the condition of the aircraft may not be ideal, and the last return is to return the weather, and said nothing else.

Chen Yixiu, a forecaster from Taiwans meteorological department, said that the air conditioning group was weakening this morning, and the weather continued to improve. According to the observation, there was no rain in the northeast corner of Taiwan and the Wuli mountain area around 8 oclock. The average wind force was grade 3, which was a breeze. Only the leaves and twigs would be blown, and the Maximum gust was only grade 4, which would only make the flag flutter, the paper fly, and there was sand. There are only a lot of clouds in the vicinity of the accident, but the visibility is not too bad.

According to Taiwans military sources, Chen Yingzhu, a reporter from the military news agency in the cabin, was the first person to send out a call for help when the Black Hawk helicopter landed in the mountain area, but no one answered when the military called again afterwards.

Shen Yiming, who died today, took over as chief of staff in July 2019.

According to Taiwans military, Shen Yimings life routine and knowledge far exceed those of his younger subordinates in the use of 3C products. Its really not like a person in his 60s. Shen Yiming exercises regularly every day and has a very good physical fitness. During his term of Air Force Commander, he achieved 100 points in physical tests.

According to reports, Shen Yimings UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter is owned by the Taiwan Air Force rescue team; in addition, a Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the air service headquarters of the Taiwan authoritys internal affairs department also crashed in Lanyu in February 2018, killing six people.

In order to replace the old UH-1H helicopter, Taiwan purchased 60 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from the U.S. in 2008, 15 of them were transferred to the air force of the internal affairs department, 15 of them were transferred to the air force, and 30 of them were transferred to the air force of the army.

However, in February 2018, when the na-706 Black Hawk helicopter of the air force arrived at Lanyu for medical evacuation, it crashed shortly after taking off from Lanyu airport, killing 6 people.

In addition, in March 2018, a UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter took off from the Singapore news agency to carry out the mission. The crew found that the warning light was on, and then early warning landed at the Kaohsiung Forest Park shooting range. The aircraft was safe. After maintenance by personnel from the aviation special operations command of the Taiwan army, it took off and returned to the sea.

Black Hawk helicopter is a kind of medium-sized general-purpose or attack helicopter developed from S-70, which is produced by Sikorsky company.

The main feature is that it can carry 15 people (including 2 pilots, 2 foremen, 2 search and rescue workers) or 4 rescue stretchers in high altitude and maritime disaster relief, rescue, rescue, observation, reconnaissance and transportation tasks.

When transporting materials, black hawk can carry 1170 kg of goods, or lift 4050 kg of goods. When putting out a fire, the water carrying capacity is up to 2400 liters. Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and mountains, which can fully meet the needs of 2000 meters high mountain area and night sea search and rescue. The strongest feature is night search and rescue function.

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