Tear gas bomb! Video of cheer up girls from dear new year

 Tear gas bomb! Video of cheer up girls from dear new year

Netease Entertainment reported on January 2 that the year-end warm heart Movie dear new years day, produced and written by Ding dingzhang, directed by Peng Yulun and starred by Bai Baihe, Zhang Zifeng and Wei Dachun, was released nationwide on December 31, 2019. The wandering experience of Bai Shujin (Bai Baihe) in the film reflects the life of countless girls in foreign countries. Many people are touched by this sense of reality when watching the film and cant help crying. The film released todays cheer girls video, recording their moving moment. Not young girls said: after crying more firmly want to continue to walk in the big city faith, we can not counsels!

The movie dear new year is in hot release. It is worth mentioning that the film Douban painting score is 7.0, ranking first in the same schedule. As of 21:00 on January 1, the movies big V recommendation rate was 96%, ranking the first in the same schedule. At the same time, the movies public praise was steadily rising.

Left behind parents Xu Di and Li Jianyi

In the video of cheer girls released this time, many people think of their parents when they see this scene, and tears cant help bursting out. The parents who are far away from home are like the white parents. Their wishes are always simple and their love is always warm. No matter how far the girls have drifted, as long as they look back, their parents will always support them behind them. Many people say dear new year is the best film to cry at the beginning of the new year, stabbing every foreigners tears. But in fact, the film just tells the true situation of thousands of drifters through the story of Bai Shujin. As the producer and screenwriter Ding dingzhang said, its hard to say who Bai Shujins specific prototype is. I hope every drifter can see his own shadow from it.

Audience: cry and move on

In the movie Happy New Year, Bai Shujins ordinary and true wandering experience at the special moment of the end of the year and the beginning of the year brings warmth to every drifter and encourages everyone to continue to move forward bravely in the new year. Many big Vs call for the movies sense of reality and resonance. Sister Yi in sister Yi goes to the cinema expresses her emotion: this is a movie for girls. The seemingly insignificant pain and happiness in the movie make us feel the same. Although the city is big and we are small, it doesnt matter. In the new year, we should cherish ourselves and go on firmly. As a male audience, I like the treatment of the end of the film very much - Bai Shujin still chose to stay in the big city after being constantly suppressed by life, said adze of the Inception group. This is actually my choice. I will stick to what I like.

And a lot of ordinary audiences also draw the power of life from it. A female audience said: only those who work outside know that its hard for us to drift, but we cant stop. We need to climb step by step and work hard for life! Another girl deeply resonated with Bai Shujins experience in the film: Ive been working in a big city for nearly ten years, and I seem to have experienced all the plots, emotions and lines in the film. As many times as I want to give up, as many times as I laugh after crying. After watching the movie, I just want to say, I wont counselle in 2020, I want to continue to refuel!

The film Happy New Year is produced and written by Ding dingzhang, directed by Peng Yulun, starred by Bai Baihe, Zhang Zifeng and Wei daxun, starred by Xu Di, Li Jianyi and LV Xingchen, and starred by yuan Wenkang, Wen Shenghao, Zhao Ziqi, Hai Yitian, Bai Zugang, Wu HaoChen, Aruna, Liu Chang, LV Yulai, Zhao Yang and Zhao Tianyu. The film is in a national hit.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)