Taiwan Army purchased 60 Black Hawk helicopters for NT $84.6 billion

 Taiwan Army purchased 60 Black Hawk helicopters for NT $84.6 billion

Taiwans military said that in order to ensure the flight safety of the Black Hawk helicopter, 14 Black Hawks belonging to the air force rescue team were grounded for special inspection. The inspection items include power system, radar system, airframe structure and control system. At present, S-70C helicopter and EC-225 helicopter are responsible for the rescue work.

According to reports, during Chen Shui Bians reign, the Taiwan Army purchased 60 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from Sikorsky company (now incorporated into Lockheed Martin group) in the Tianyuan project, equipped with advanced avionics system, with a unit price of about 20 million US dollars (about 600 million Taiwan dollars) each, together with logistics maintenance, personnel training, spare parts, random weapons, etc., with a total expenditure of about NT $84.6 billion. The Black Hawk helicopter began to deliver aircraft in 2015, and completed the battle force on October 31, 2019.

The Black Hawk helicopter is a multi-functional transport helicopter, which is designed with double turboshaft engine and single rotor. The Black Hawk helicopter can carry 11 soldiers and corresponding equipment when carrying out a troop carrying raid; when carrying materials, the Black Hawk helicopter can carry 1170 kg (2600 lbs) of goods, or lift 4050 kg (9000 lbs) of goods.

In August 2009, Morakot storm hit South Taiwan severely. A UH-1H helicopter handed over by the army to the air force crashed into the mountain in Pingtung. It was doubted that the rescue force of the air force was old. Ma Ying Jeou, then Taiwans leader, announced that 15 Black Hawk helicopters purchased by the Taiwan army would be loaned to the air force. Feng Shikuan, who was in charge of the Defense Department, demanded that 15 more uh-60ms newly purchased by land Airlines be transferred to Taiwans air force to replace the S-70C. The first two Black Hawk helicopters were transferred to the air force in December 2017, and all 15 were handed over by the end of 2019.

In February 2018, when the air service team was carrying out the task of transferring patients from Lanyu to Taiwan for treatment, they fell into the sea about 81 seconds after taking off from Lanyu airport, killing 6 people on board. This is the first major safety accident of Black Hawk helicopter after returning to Taiwan.

Todays Black Hawk helicopter is a special administrative plane carrying high-level officers. This is the first air crash of the Black Hawk helicopter in Taiwans military service and the second black hawk safety accident in Taiwan.

Su Ziyun, a scholar at Taiwans defense and Security Research Institute, said that the worlds Black Hawk fleet has a record of 331 crashes, if you add todays crash landing to 332. Taiwans latest incident was a black hawk crash in Minnesota on December 5, 2019.

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