The ending of the roadshow of the movie special police team adheres to and inherits the special police mission

 The ending of the roadshow of the movie special police team adheres to and inherits the special police mission

Netease Entertainment reported on January 2 that the hot film special police team was released today, revealing the story behind the scenes. After the release of the film, the audiences blood and burning cool were immediately praised. At the same time, the film director Ding Sheng and the actors Ling Xiaosu and Jia Naliang flew to Harbin to complete the last stop of the guard theme City roadshow.

Ding Sheng opens a new chapter in the action film of police and bandits

Different from the previous types of police and bandit films, special police team is the first action police and bandit film with special police as the leading role. It focuses on the work and life of Chinese special police. Both the action scenes and the story settings strive to be true, stimulating the all-round escalation of tension. In the interview, Ding Sheng once said: to present the most real life of the special police for the audience, pass on and pay homage to their spirit, so we have this film. In the newly exposed warm heart special, we can see the efforts and efforts of the creator behind the scenes. In order to make the film more real, the actor started the devil training mode before shooting. Ling Xiaosu, Jia Naliang, Jin Chen, Zhang Yunlong, Liu Junxiao and other special police officers live and eat together and train day and night. The special police accompanying the training thought that someone would be unable to hold on and quit halfway. And it turns out that everyone has digested the training course perfectly, which, in Jias words, although injuries are common, we are in pain and in happiness..

After the movie was released, the close fight from fist to flesh, the cool action scene and the criminal arrest across many countries all attracted the attention and discussion of netizens, shouting adrenaline switch on. In particular, the scenes such as the capture of the desert island and the high-altitude landing left a deep memory for the audience, this is actually a domestic film, this is a Chinese blockbuster, feel the spirit of the special police and the burning of hormones.

Jia Nailiang was ambushed for 7 hours and was forgotten. Ling Xiaosus strength Tucao director was strict.

As the end of the whole road show, the film creator came to Harbin. Ding Sheng, the director, Ling Xiaosu and Jia Naliang are on the air and interact with the audience at zero distance. When referring to the most impressive part of the shooting, Jia said: the director is very strict, in order to keep the transmission as real as possible, all the members must go to the battle in person. At the end of the movie, Liao Xingliang, the sniper he plays, has been ambushing the rocks in the distance. The whole shooting lasted for 7 hours. He did not move, but was forgotten by the director at last.

In order to make the story more smooth and realistic, the special police often use long lens, but it also aggravates the difficulty of shooting and performance. Ling Xiaosus director of Tucao asked too strict: we are a feature film, but the director asked us for the documentary standard. The scene of the confrontation between the two teams was filmed three days later. Zhang Yunlong spent two days in the water fighting with terrorists. These are not only simple figures, but also strong evidence of the whole creative teams sweat.

The film special police team is written and directed by Ding Sheng, starring Ling Xiaosu, Jia Naliang, Jin Chen, Zhang Yunlong, Liu Junxiao, etc. the real front-line special police members participated in the shooting, and the film was released on December 27.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)