Vanguard sends posters of the whole team Jackie Chan and his team to fight all over the world

 Vanguard sends posters of the whole team Jackie Chan and his team to fight all over the world

Jackie Chan and the pioneer team made a magnificent appearance. Yang Yang successfully received the big brothers action drama DNA and served as the leader of the pioneer team. He pursued the real first place while playing the drama with style. The big brother praised Yang Yang, yes! Allen jumped out of the familiar role circle, breaking through his first taste of action movies and becoming a star player, with a new look to be expected. Xu Ruohan, a new man, faces the challenge and rushes into Africa grassland and Feiliu waterfall together with the pioneer team. He is brave and eye-catching! She is not inferior to the male players in the high-difficulty drama of Miya. She can play heroically while exuding sexy charm. Even more, Zhu Zhengting premiered the high-energy technology youth, and made contributions in the vanguard team. If not, he could fly to heaven! In the poster, all the pioneers have firm eyes and are surrounded by such fierce battle scenes as waterfalls, ancient fortresses and aircraft carriers. The vanguard teams live on the sea, land and air and fight with full combat effectiveness, which is beyond the imagination of the audience.

Jackie Chan takes action movies to the world

As a classic upgrade work, the film pioneer is another hard work of Jackie Chan. No matter shooting a torrent in Africa, almost drowning, or flying car show in the Middle East, big brother shows his attitude to the film industry with practical actions. In recent activities, he directly expresses his audience, saying that the reason why he works so hard is because of you. Mother Miya recalled falling into the water with her brother when she was shooting. She was afraid to say, the current was big and urgent. When she found him, she saw the directors eyes were red! Its a good thing that there was no danger in the end. Thank you very much. Yang Yang is even more straightforward, his new years wish is I hope big brother can be healthy, when shooting must pay attention to safety!

Entering 2020, it is the 60th year of Jackie Chans career, and director Tang Jili has cooperated with Jackie Chan for 30 years. The two cooperated tacitly to create many classic works for the audience. From the film Hongfan district to the world movie world, they always take the dissemination of Chinese films and the promotion of Chinese culture as their own duty. Director Tang Jili always adheres to the attitude of the original action movie, saying that when the culture goes out, at the same time, let others learn from us! On the new years day, big brother made his wish, I hope the weather is good, the world is peaceful, and I hope all the audiences support Chinese films! Today, in the face of fans all over the world, Tang Jili and Jackie Chan bring pioneer as a new year gift to the world audience! The film will be released on the first day of the new year. The film pioneer is directed by Tang Jili, leading the roles of Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Allen, Xu Ruohan and her mother Miya, and specially invited to play Zhu Zhengting.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)