Continuation of the old GL Chassis Beijing bj90 sales 988-1299000

 Continuation of the old GL Chassis Beijing bj90 sales 988-1299000

Beijing bj90 has a very strong appearance. The main difference between Beijing bj90 and Mercedes Benz GL is the front and rear. The design elements of BAIC SUV are added to the front face, such as the 5-hole air intake grille and the front surrounding similar to BJ40. The rear part of the car looks wider and thicker with chrome trim and large rear windows.

In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 5171 / 1995 / 1860mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 3100m. It is positioned as a large-scale SUV, which is also the first large-scale SUV officially released in mass production by its own brand.

Of course, in addition to the appearance, there are also many old Mercedes Benz GL class shadows in the interior, including the overall shape of the center console, the steering wheel shape, the control knob and the control area near the central armrest box, which maintain a high consistency. The difference is that Beijing bj90 is equipped with a larger central LCD screen and a logo on the steering wheel. It is worth mentioning that the car key of bj90 is the same as that of Benz GL. Even the logo on the key is the Trident star logo of Benz. Similarly, you can see the logo of Benz when you open the engine compartment.

The new car is equipped with the original imported 3.0tv6 and 4.0tv8 turbocharged engine, the 100km acceleration of 3.0T engine is less than 6.5s, equipped with engine start stop technology and intelligent generator; 9-speed manual self-contained gearbox with off-road mode is adopted. At the same time, the whole system is equipped with full-time four-wheel drive system as standard, with differential lock and low-speed torque increasing function, which can realize central differential lock and reduce speed and increase torque.