Chongqing residential building fire media: blocking the fire channel equals to indirect killing

 Chongqing residential building fire media: blocking the fire channel equals to indirect killing

The live video recorded by the witness shows that the fire started from the second floor to the top of the building, and the fire was not small. Chongqing fire rescue Corps reported no casualties, which is a little gratifying, but the economic loss should not be small.

The fire notification is the life passage. Blocking the fire passage is no different from indirect killing. The reason is very simple, but the tragedy caused by it happens again and again. On December 7, 2019, a fire broke out in the thermal insulation materials on the outer wall of a residential building in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Because the nearest fire passage was blocked by vehicles, the fire could not be controlled at the first time. Only 6 minutes later, the fire rushed to the roof. The owner actually said: does the fire upstairs have anything to do with me? On May 4, 2019, a fire broke out in Yiyin community of Xian Textile City, Shaanxi Province, killing 2 people. According to the residents of the community, the fire trucks arrived at the scene as soon as possible, but because the private cars parked in the community occupied the fire fighting passage, the fire department could only take relevant measures to remove the private cars, and then smoothly enter the fire site for operation.

Its hard to park with luck, which is the most important reason for some people to park randomly. The problem of difficult parking needs to be solved, but it is not the reason for illegally blocking the fire passage. This problem must be solved as soon as possible, or we will pay more and more for it.

The solution is prevention and governance. In terms of prevention, we should strengthen publicity to let citizens understand the illegal nature and great harm of blocking fire fighting channels, and improve their consciousness of abiding by the relevant provisions of the fire fighting law. In terms of governance, we can start from three levels: administrative, civil and criminal

On the civil level, if the fire loss is enlarged due to occupying the fire fighting passage, the property damaged person can claim for compensation from the person blocking the passage. In addition, at present, most of the vehicle insurance contracts stipulate that the insurance company can refuse to compensate for the vehicle loss caused by the insureds gross negligence. It is not difficult for citizens with a little common sense to have a clear judgment on the illegality and harm of blocking fire fighting channels. Therefore, all acts of blocking fire fighting channels can be presumed that the perpetrator has gross negligence. The insurance company shall refuse to compensate for the vehicle losses caused by the cleaning up of firefighters and residents.

At the criminal level, blocking the passage leads to casualties, huge property losses and other major consequences, which is in line with the criminal constitution of the crime of negligently endangering public security by dangerous means, and the relevant personnel can be investigated for criminal responsibility according to this crime.

Its hard for us to say goodbye to this kind of disaster. But its possible to make the consequences of the disaster lighter and lighter. To do this, firefighters pay the most important, as citizens, we do not need to do much, the most important point is: please give way to the life channel.

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