U.S. troops increase in the Middle East after the Embassy Attack Khamenei responds to trump threat

 U.S. troops increase in the Middle East after the Embassy Attack Khamenei responds to trump threat

[Iraqi demonstrators leave us embassy area

According to reports, at the request of the Iraqi government, the demonstrators ended their protest in the area of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on the 1st.

Photo: Iraqi soldiers launch a rocket.

Earlier, Iraqi Shiite militia, the peoples mobilization organization, ordered its members and supporters to withdraw from the outside of the US embassy. It is reported that as of the afternoon of the 1st local time, most of the people had left, and some tents and obstacles had also been moved into trucks.

Hundreds of Iraqi militia and supporters rushed into the U.S. embassy area in Baghdad on New Years Eve to vent their anger at the Allah brigade, an Iraqi militia supported by the U.S. air strikes. The protest lasted until new years day, when protesters threw rocks at the U.S. Embassy, burned the American flag, and the U.S. military stationed in the embassy fired tear gas to disperse them.

This crisis, which makes the situation in the Middle East tense suddenly, stems from the attack of Pro Iranian Iraqi militia Allah brigade on Iraqi military base on December 27, 2019, resulting in the death of an American civilian subcontractor. On December 29, the U.S. army launched a large-scale operation to air raid the Allah brigade strongholds in Iraq and Syria, killing at least 25 people. The incident caused outrage in the Iraqi court and field, and a large number of Pro Iranian Iraqis recently went to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to protest and attack.

[ban Peio cancels external visits to monitor the situation

The website of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq announced Monday that the embassy canceled all consular work due to local riots, suggesting that U.S. citizens stay away from the embassy.

The U.S. embassy also advised its citizens not to travel to the site of the protest or to Iraq.

U.S. State Department announced Monday that Secretary of state Peng Peio has delayed his planned trip to Ukraine in response to the growing situation in Baghdad.

Secretary of state pompeio postponed his visit to Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Cyprus because the Secretary of state must be in Washington, D.C., to continue to monitor the situation in Iraq and to ensure the security and security of Americans in the Middle East and Iraq, a spokesman for the State Department said in a statement.

[trump threatens Iran to pay for Khameneis response

U.S. President trump said Iran was behind the attack on the U.S. Embassy, a charge Iran denied. Trump has ordered 750 more US troops to be sent to the Middle East, and plans to send another 3000. He warned Iran will pay a very heavy price! Its not a warning, its a threat, but it doesnt specify what threat means.

Asked if the crisis would turn into a war, trump responded that it should not be good for Iran and added that he wanted to see peace, Iran should want peace more than anyone else..

On Monday, Irans top leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, for the first time strongly condemned the US militarys air strikes on Iraqi militias backed by Iran over the weekend.

Commenting on Trumps threat, Khamenei said that Tehran does not want war, but will immediately and heavily crack down on all attempts to threaten its own interests.

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