Several senior officials, such as the chief of staff, still lost contact

 Several senior officials, such as the chief of staff, still lost contact

There are 13 people on board. Many media said that many people had been rescued, it is said that Shen Yiming has been rescued and sent to the Third Army General Hospital.

But Xiong Houji, Taiwans Air Force Commander, was cautious when he held a press conference at about 11:15, saying that he could not confirm the current situation of the crew to the outside world until the ground search and rescue forces arrived at the scene. Asked repeatedly by reporters, Xiong Houji said: I hope you can pray together. Huang Zhiwei, the chief inspector of the air force command, added that some of the personnel had been released from the trap, while others were still trapped in the plane. Due to the thick clouds, it is impossible to confirm the ground conditions from the air.

Shi Shunwen, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, made it clear at noon that it was wrong to hear that Shen Yiming had been rescued and sent to the General Hospital of the third army. Efforts are still being made to search for and rescue the missing.

Data chart: Taiwan air force search and rescue team UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter the Taiwan air force search and rescue team replaced the new UH-60M helicopter in 2018

At about 11:15 on the 2nd, Xiong Houji, the Air Force Commander of Taiwan, held a press conference. Photo source: CCTV news screenshot

Taiwan said a black hawk UH-60M helicopter took off from Songshan Airport at 7:54 on January 2, carrying chief of staff Shen Yiming and others to Yilan dongaoling radar station to express condolences to officers and soldiers. The helicopter disappeared from the radar screen at 8:07 and landed in the mountainous area between Xinbei and Yilan. At present, the blue finger Department of the Taiwan army has sent search and rescue teams to rescue, and the special operations headquarters of the Taiwan army has also sent helicopters to search and rescue.

Previously, Zhongshi electronic reported that people in Xinbei city of Taiwan witnessed the helicopter falling into Pinglin mountain area.

Kolas yotaka, a spokesman for Taiwans Executive Yuan, said that Su Zhenchang, the chief executive, was informed immediately and urged relevant departments to make full efforts to search and rescue. Su Zhenchang immediately asked the special search personnel of national search center and fire department to go to the scene, and the air and ground search and rescue were also in progress. The Ministry of the interior reported to Su Zhenchang at the first time and continued the search and rescue. As the search and rescue was still in progress, Taiwans Executive Yuan said that the detailed situation would be explained by the Taiwan army.

There are 13 people on board, including three crew members: Commander Ye Jianyi, the pilot, Captain Liu Zhenfu, the copilot, and Sergeant Xu Hongbin, the foreman of the aircraft. 10 passengers: General Shen Yiming, chief of staff, major Huang shenghang, chief of staff, chief Han Zhenghong, chief of chief of staff, major Hong Hongjun, deputy chief of intelligence staff, major Liu Xiaotang, deputy chief of operations and planning staff, General Huang Youmin, deputy chief of logistics staff, and general Cao Jinping, deputy chief of communications and electronic information staffu201c Major Yu Qinwen, deputy director general of the Bureau of political operations, Lieutenant Colonel Zhou Xinyi, staff officer of the planning office, and Chen Yingzhu, journalist of the military news agency.