Three major air disasters of Taiwan army in Taiwan media: heavy casualties

 Three major air disasters of Taiwan army in Taiwan media: heavy casualties

In the morning of February 2, Taiwan media such as the China time electronic news reviewed the history of three major air disasters in the past.

In October last year, the UH-1H general helicopter, which has been in service in Taiwan for nearly 50 years, was officially retired and replaced by the UH-60M Black Hawk.

According to Taiwan media, on December 27, 1974, during the implementation of Changping exercise by the Taiwan army and the army, a number of military officers including general Yu haozhang, the commander in chief of the Taiwan army, took the army UH-1H helicopter to inspect the exercise. The weather was bad on the way, causing two UH-1H helicopters to crash in Yangmei and Guanyin areas of Taoyuan, killing 13 generals and schools.

Yu haozhang saved his life with all his strength, but he was paralyzed from then on. Yu haozhang, who had already decided to take over the chief of staff, also left the office unexpectedly. At that time, Captain Gao Huazhu, who was the commander in chiefs assistant officer, was seriously injured and his legs were broken. He still asked for help from outside, which made the commander in chief of the army keep his life, and thus won the trust of the commander.

In addition, in 1990, 18 people, led by general Lin Longxian of Taijun, took a plane to Jiayi to investigate the Jianan No.4 project. When the weather was not good and the rain poured down, the plane fell into the farmland of Chenghai village, Dongshi Township, and all 18 people died.

On April 3, 2007, a UH-1H of the 601 brigade of Taiwan army land aviation collided with the launch tower of the police station in Zhongliao mountain area of Kaohsiung County, killing all 8 people on board.

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