Luo Jins performance of Hezhe Huating has been crying for 200 days, so tired that he cant pick his head

 Luo Jins performance of Hezhe Huating has been crying for 200 days, so tired that he cant pick his head

The new Beijing News reported on January 2 that not only the audience but also the actors were tortured in the play, in which Luo Jins Prince Xiao Dingquan cried all over the play. The reporter of Beijing News counted Luo Jins crying plays in hejuhuating. He cried 33 times in 1-28 episodes, including tears in silence and crying loudly. In the play, Lu Wenxi, Xiao Dingquans beloved, and Xiao Dingquans father, teacher and wife, all the main characters were almost cried by him. Some netizens joked that Luo Jin prepared at least ten jin of tears for the play. In an exclusive interview with the Beijing News, Luo Jin said frankly that he cried almost every day during his more than 200 days of filming hejuhuating, and this kind of emotional expression does not need to be brewed, because you are in such an atmosphere, and the emotion is so revealed.

Beijing News: did you prepare for the crying scene?

Luo Jin: the expression of emotion has not been brewed, nor has there been much design and idea. It is in such an atmosphere, plus every performer is very professional, and the emotion may be so revealed, because Xiaos authority is really difficult.

Beijing News: Xiao Dingquan will be different from the dark, deep and silent prince that the audience saw before. His persistence and richness in emotion are all new images. I wonder if you will think about it when you perform it. Will the princes mood be so exposed?

Luo Jin: first of all, Xiao Dingquan is an emotional person, which can be seen from his teachers and his brothers. Even if he is aligned with the old, he can bear to be hurt one time, but when he hurts the people he cares about and loves around him, there is no way to bear. In fact, its very inappropriate and disadvantageous to show ones frailty in front of the enemy, but people always have to grow up. In my opinion, its not easy for princes of all dynasties to do what they want. Its not that you see a bright appearance.

Beijing News: is this the most crying scene youve ever shot?

Luo Jin: count it. Ive done a lot of crying scenes.

Beijing News: which cry impressed me deeply?

Luo Jin: Once upon a time, after Lu Shiyu died, the prince returned to the east palace. He went through a lot of torture this day, including on the city wall, and he has been enduring it. Until he went back, he cried loudly. Do you think Xiao Dingquan likes crying? He may not be able to cry when he is really in great sorrow.

Beijing News: when you read the script, did you ask the director or the writer why a man has so many crying scenes?

Luo Jin: I think we should go with the trend. Does not Liu Bei always cry?

Beijing News: it is generally recognized that men prefer to be patient.

Luo Jin: Xiao Dingquan was also patient. Maybe he was not so mature at that time, or poked at his most critical point, because his most important thing was emotion. He will never cry because of some other things, such as who offended him today, which is not manly. Every time he shed tears, it was because of his hope, but again he was disappointed. He was helpless. As far as Im concerned, I dont want to cry either. In such an environment, any expression of your emotions will surely find a handle for other people. The princes shortest board is his emotion. Because he wants to keep the people around him too much, he loses too much, so he wants to keep them, which is bound to be his short board, so people will attack him in this way. You will always slowly expose your weaknesses around others, once, from the death of the teacher, from the departure of Gu fengen, from the departure of one person around you, you will continue to build hope for your father, and then be broken. I dont want to cry either.


Luo Jin is too tired to pick his head

We sometimes shoot in two groups. One day I was shooting in group A, going to the bathroom in the middle, passing by the scene of group B. when I saw it, there was no sound. Four or five cameras were facing Luo Jin. Luo Jin stood in the middle of the scene, all the light was on, and he was dazed. I used to pat him on the shoulder, what did I say? He didnt squeak, he didnt have any expression. I was bored and embarrassed, so I left. After about half an hour, Luo Jin sent a wechat to me, saying that the director you just came to the scene? Im right. Ive been here and I photographed you. He said, the staff told me later that you came and patted me on the shoulder. I didnt promise you. Im really sorry.. He said that he was grinding a play, because it was an emotional play, and Xiao Dingquans teacher was forced to leave Xiao Dingquan.

This kind of investment of a good actor is too precious. The whole play has been filmed for more than seven months. In this group, every day is these heartbreaking plays. He often told me that when I went back to my room, the director, I didnt have the strength to remove the headgear, because the head ache was so bad that I didnt have the strength to remove the headgear, so I sat on the sofa, sometimes it would take two or three hours to slow down. u2014u2014Oral: Yang Wenjun (director)

Zhang He, Liu Wei, reporter of Beijing News

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Li siou nbj11322