Seven points in six rounds! Lampards post match Rage: its lucky not to lose. Im not happy

 Seven points in six rounds! Lampards post match Rage: its lucky not to lose. Im not happy

Before yesterdays challenge to Brighton, Chelsea lost five Premier League games and won two in the last seven rounds. Among them, Manchester City, West Ham United, Everton, Bournemouth and Southampton are the five opponents who lost the game. Only Manchester City belongs to the strong team, and the other four teams are the downstream teams of the league. However, the two teams Chelsea won were not weak, namely Tottenham and Arsenal. It seems that Chelsea are also suffering from the bad habit of fighting against the strong and supporting the weak.

This round of the league, Chelsea away against Brighton, but also a league downstream team. In the end, Chelsea continued to give warmth and they were drawn by Brighton at the last minute. Lampard was angry after the game: in the first half, we should have won the game. We are not ruthless enough. We have control of the game, we have control of the ball, but we just cant kill the game

We keep our opponents hopeful of winning. In the last minute, they scored a beautiful goal. To be honest, we are lucky we didnt lose today. At the end of the game, both teams have a strong tactical execution, but they are obviously better than us. We must accept such punishment.

Chelsea have only scored seven points in the last six leagues, and the youth team has struggled with the instability of their form. Lampard also helplessly said: indeed, the lack of stability makes us headache. We have to think about it. We can take a look at todays game. In general, the teams performance makes me very unhappy

I think the Christmas schedule is a good reflection of our performance this season. Against Tottenham, we played very well, great performance. Against Arsenal, we showed a strong will. But we fell against Southampton and we could have won it, but we didnt. These show us the good and the bad. Its part of growth. Lampard said.

Lampard finally denied Chelseas winter window bid for Zaha: we havent discussed Zaha. We havent considered the deal, hes not in our plan. If we really want to discuss a deal, well close the door.

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