A 23-year-old Chinese girl is dying after falling head down in Canada

 A 23-year-old Chinese girl is dying after falling head down in Canada

Overseas network, January 1 - Canadas skiing season has come, skiing in addition to bringing joy to everyone, danger and injury will follow, every year in Canadas ski resorts will have tourist injuries, in late December 2019, British Columbia also issued multiple avalanche warnings, we are advised to stay away from the warning area.

Recently, a 23-year-old Chinese girl was seriously injured and in a coma during skiing in a ski resort. Her life is in danger. According to local media reports, the girl fell head down while jumping, and the ski resort directly called rescue helicopters to help.

In order to remind tourists to ski in the right way, skinanda provides comprehensive safety instructions (the safety rules are provided by CSP):

Pay attention to ski restrictions in specific areas.

Use all lifts correctly and pay attention to any warning signs.

Wear appropriate equipment (including helmets).

Take necessary skiing courses.

Understand their own limits, according to the snow track mark to choose their own snow track for skiing activities.

Always ski with others.

Avoid stopping on the path, especially where you cant see from above.

Keep a safe distance from others and avoid collision.

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