Father and son sell poison dog needle and use it on people. One man and one woman died of poisoning in a hotel

 Father and son sell poison dog needle and use it on people. One man and one woman died of poisoning in a hotel

My father sells poison dog needle to help my son in College

Liu Ming, 47, lives by selling poisonous dog needles on wechat. It is understood that the needles he sells can be divided into several types: the live dog needles that can anesthetize dogs, the dead dog needles that can poison dead dogs, the medicine dog eggs, cyanide, etc., which are sold together with bows and crossbows. Liu Ming has done experiments on live chickens, and poisonous dog needle can indeed anesthetize or poison animals. He usually publishes advertising information in the circle of friends. When a business comes to his door, he will deliver goods to the buyer by express delivery.

In 2018, his son Liu Xiaofei was admitted to university. On the one hand, Liu Ming thinks that his son is not good at words. He wants him to learn to do business with himself and exercise his sons interpersonal skills. On the other hand, he thinks that if he adds a helper, the business may be better. The money you pay for college depends on how you sell it.. In a word, Liu Xiaofei also joined in selling poisonous dog needles. He began to do business in the circle of friends with advertisements such as 8 yuan and 10 pieces in Jiangsu Province.

Every time Liu Xiaofei negotiates a business, he will send the other partys goods and address to his father, who is responsible for the delivery. From September 2018 to December 2018, he has helped his father to negotiate a business order of nearly 20000 yuan. During this period, Liu Ming gave his son 5000 yuan, which is not only a reward, but also a living expenses earned by his son himself. But what the father and son didnt expect was that one of them even killed people.

A man and a woman died of the cyanide he sold

On November 27, 2018, a guest room in a hotel in Nanjing arrived at the check-out time, but the guest could not be contacted all the time. When the hotel staff opened the room and found that a man and a woman had already died, they were scared to call the police. What is the relationship between the two? What is the cause of death? After investigation, the police learned that the two dead were a couple of divorced men and women, Wang Jun and Xiao Mei. Xiaomeis colleagues reported that Wang Jun was unable to repay a lot of gambling debts due to gambling. After the two went through the divorce formalities in 2018, Wang Jun often told her some strange things, such as missing you and being reluctant. Xiaomei worked hard, was more active in life, and had no tendency to kill herself.

The police inspected the scene of the crime. The powder extracted in the room was detected to be composed of sodium cyanide. The cyanide ion was detected in the water sample. The cyanide ion was detected in Wang Jun and Xiao Mei. The cause of death was cyanide poisoning.

Although it is impossible to judge whether the two committed suicide or not, it seems to be to leave an account. Wang Jun deleted the SMS and wechat content, leaving only one chat record, that is, the record of purchasing potassium cyanide from Liu Xiaofei. Wang Jun bought 10 dead dog needles and a share of potassium cyanide at a price of 280 yuan. It was these toxic substances that killed two people.

Think that self-reliance is self destruction

In December 2018, Liu Ming and Liu Xiaofei were arrested by the police. Police inspected Liu Mings residence and seized 89 darts, 31 dog eggs and a sealed bag of powder. After inspection, succinylcholine chloride was detected in the needle dart, and sodium cyanide was detected in the dog egg, white powder solid (block) and soil powder solid (block). After weighing, search for more than 50 grams of sodium cyanide powder solid at his residence. Police also seized 476 needle darts and 1 bag of white powder from eight packages delivered by Liu Ming.

According to Liu Ming, he thought it would be more profitable to do this business, so he asked his son to join in, told him the purpose and use method, and told him to pay attention to observing the words of customers. He said Mandarin and asked about all the ingredients. He knew that the ingredients of poison dog needle were amber bile alkali and sodium cyanide, which are dangerous chemicals strictly controlled by the state, so he could not buy them in private Sold. Liu Xiaofei, a college student, met his father at home to make anesthetics. He thought that the people who bought these things were poisoning animals. He had searched the Internet and sold them illegally. He thought that as long as he was careful, there would be no problem. He thought that he earned his living expenses, which was a kind of self-reliance, but he was destroying his future. Cyanide is a dangerous substance strictly controlled by the state. As long as 0.1g to 1g, it will reach the lethal dose. If the quantity of cyanide sold reaches a certain standard or causes death, it will constitute the crime of illegal sale of dangerous substances.

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