13-year-old Xueba is tired of learning because of losing the first place: This is the stain of my life

 13-year-old Xueba is tired of learning because of losing the first place: This is the stain of my life

It is not only the parents whose children are not good at school that will encounter such troubles.

School bully parents are also likely to suffer, and often worse.

A unit test failure

Even lead to weariness of learning and even self injury

Xiaoxiao (a pseudonym), 13, is a real bully. In September 2019, she was unexpectedly promoted to a famous junior high school. However, in one unit test, she only took the fifth place in the class. She thought it was a stain on her life, so she even lost her fighting spirit and didnt want to go to school. She was severely criticized by her strict mother. However, in a fit of anger, the little girl cut her arm with an art knife and shouted at her mother, I dont want to live..

Fortunately, the knife was not cut deep, but for the next half month, she stayed at home all day, depressed, ignored her parents and lost her temper. This time, the parents and the head teacher were in a bad mood. After the psychological instructor talked with her initially, she found that her psychological problems were serious, so she was introduced to the children and adolescents mental health joint clinic of Hangzhou Normal University Affiliated Hospital.

Fang Yantong, chief physician, received the doctors advice. After learning Xiaoxiaos situation in detail, she was diagnosed with depression.

As a mother, Dr. Fang thinks Xiaoxiao is the legendary child of another family. As a doctor, Dr. Fang noticed that Xiaoxiao didnt have time to make friends or communicate with her parents. She was under pressure for a long time, and her mood became more and more gloomy. The failure of that exam became the last straw that crushed her.

Why does she value learning so much? The little girl blurted out, our relatives children, my parents and friends children, are all top students. When they meet, they compare our achievements. How can I not study hard?

After a few seconds of pause, she added in a low voice: from childhood, my parents always quarrel at home. I have to study hard and get into a good university, so I can stay away from them in the future.. This is the first time I failed in the exam. Im afraid that I will always fail in the exam.

Looking at the poor child who was constrained by her achievements, Dr. Fang suddenly felt that she had a lot to say to Xiaoxiaos parents and more.

If you want to raise a healthy child, a warm and harmonious family atmosphere is essential. Learning is important for children, but it cant be the only one. Parents can reduce their demands on their childrens learning, and they can also let themselves go if they let their children go.

Multiple care and care

Slowly cure the childs depression

Dr. Fang comforted Xiaoxiao for a long time in the consulting room, and taught her some relaxation methods by hand, which made her feel that she was not so bad. At the same time, it is suggested that Xiaoxiao mother keep a small pet for her child.

Xiaoxiao chooses a cat and becomes a happy excrement shoveling official. Attention from the study of a part out, and with emotional sustenance, two weeks later the long lost smile appeared in Xiaoxiaos face.

At this time, Xiaoxiao took the initiative to tell doctor Fang that she wanted to go back to school. Dr. Fang wrote a medical school referral form and sent it to Xiaoxiaos school psychological guidance teacher. The school attached great importance to it. Following Dr. Fangs advice, the teacher and students worked together to help Xiaoxiao. The students didnt mention depression. They invited her to chat and play. The teacher gave her a third less homework than usual, and her mother became gentle.

Time passes day by day, Xiaoxiaos depression is slowly cured in the warm collective. At a recent consultation, her doctor said: I am very relieved now. I used to focus on my study. Its self torture to set such a high demand for myself. This time I was sick, and we gave me care and care. In fact, I have been longing for these things, which are more precious than good results.

Soon will usher in the end of the primary and secondary school exams, has been calm many Xiaoxiao want to share their feelings with more students: the rise and fall of the results are temporary, do not have to be sad if the exam is not good. Life is like a wave line, rising and falling, accepting the impermanence of life. Everyone is not perfect, and students to enhance communication, more talk about topics other than learning.

Medical school family linkage

Build mental health support system

Two thirds of my outpatients are children with good grades, some of them have even seriously hurt themselves, their families or classmates. For these children, every link from diagnosis, treatment to crisis intervention must be step by step, which requires close cooperation of doctors, schools and parents. Fang said.

Recently, the health China action - children and adolescents mental health action plan (2019-2022), jointly issued by 12 ministries and commissions of the state, put forward specific goals for schools, communities and medical and health institutions to establish service networks. The Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University is the first step. It has worked out the concentric circle plan for mental health support of children and adolescents with a number of medical institutions and educational units, and officially launched the concentric circle plan in April 2019. Medical schools and families work together to build a comprehensive mental health support system for children and adolescents.

As the initiator of the program, Professor Luo Hong, Secretary of the Party committee of the Affiliated College of Hangzhou Normal University and doctor of psychology, said: in less than a year, we went into the school and met students, teachers and parents face to face. We served more than 100000 people through two ways Online and offline. There were also three hyperactivity studies published in international journals. With the establishment of the Institute of mental health for children and adolescents of Hangzhou Normal University, we will focus on the cultivation of preventive talents, increase scientific research support, formulate service standards, focus on key groups, and let psychology really play a positive role.

In 2020, they will provide personalized training programs for 20 schools, make targeted invitations, realize key interventions for key groups, and form a closed-loop management service model.

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