When will the South China Seafood Market reopen in Wuhan? Official: further notice

 When will the South China Seafood Market reopen in Wuhan? Official: further notice

1u3001 About why the market should be closed

Recently, some medical institutions received a number of cases of pneumonia. After receiving the report, Wuhan Health Committee immediately carried out epidemiological investigation, which confirmed that most of the cases were related to the seafood market in South China.

According to the regulations of the State Council on the emergency response to public health emergencies and other regulations, and the Circular of Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission on the current situation of pneumonia in our city, it was decided to close the South China seafood market after research. During the off-season, the South China seafood market shall not be traded, and the market shall be cleaned and disinfected. Relevant departments carry out joint law enforcement inspection, strengthen supervision, ensure that all prevention and control measures are in place, and ensure the health and life safety of the masses.

2u3001 About when to reopen

On January 1, 2020, Wuhan Jianghan District market supervision and Administration Bureau and Wuhan Jianghan District Health and Health Bureau jointly issued the announcement on the regulation of market closure, and decided to implement the market closure and environmental sanitation regulation. The opening time will be notified separately. The municipal and district governments attach great importance to the prevention and control of peoples health and have taken a number of measures to protect citizens from infection as much as possible. The temporary market closure is one of the important control measures. I hope you can understand and cooperate.

3u3001 How to protect the residents around the market

Every year, winter and spring are the high incidence seasons of respiratory diseases. Experts remind pregnant women, children, people with basic diseases and the elderly and the weak to avoid closed, airless or crowded public places. The public should form a good habit of covering the mouth and nose, washing hands and ventilating frequently when coughing, and wear masks when going out.

Wuhan Jianghan District market supervision and Administration Bureau

Wuhan Jianghan District Health Bureau

January 2, 2020

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