Fault or provocation? Two Ukrainian TV stations broadcast the former presidents new years speech

 Fault or provocation? Two Ukrainian TV stations broadcast the former presidents new years speech

Overseas net Jan. 2 Xinhua Ukraines political struggle has never stopped. On New Years Eve, when the audience of two TV stations in Ukraine saw the new years speech delivered by former president Poroshenko, they were very confused and doubted whether it was back to 2019.

According to Russia today, viewers of Ukrainian TV channels kanal5 and pryamiy found that they seem to prefer former president borichenko to current president ZELINSKY. On New Years Eve, when the Ukrainian people gathered in front of the television, holding a glass full of champagne, they saw the speech of former President Boris henko.

Is this a historic mistake or a historic provocation? Poroshenko is a Ukrainian oligarch with a well-known confectioner and other assets. The 54 year old has been linked to the pryamiy channel, although he denies involvement in television programming operations.

In boroshenkos New Year speech, the former president, who was defeated by Zelinski, praised the achievements of his tenure. He said that this has created a huge security space for Ukraines transformation, which will become very difficult now.

Poloshenko was defeated in the presidential election in April 2019 by ZELINSKY, a comedian. Despite his tragic failure, boroshenko did not quit politics, but continued to be active as the leader of the European Unity Party.

New years address by President Zelinski of Ukraine (source: Russia today)

However, the two Ukrainian TV stations did not completely give up ZELINSKYs new years speech. They played the video after midnight. In his new years speech, Zelinski called on Ukrainians to abandon stereotypes and strive for the future with a common goal to unite the people.

Russia today pointed out that ironically, poloshenkos 2020 New Years speech seemed to be a tit for tat response to ZELINSKY, who also staged a similar drama last year. At that time, the Ukrainian channel 1 + 1 broadcast Zelinskis new years speech, rather than the speech of then president Poroshenko. In that video, ZELINSKY also announced that he would run for president.

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