Red black list of 2019 stock base: average 50percent of Qianhai Open Source Hong Kong stock fund bottom

 Red black list of 2019 stock base: average 50percent of Qianhai Open Source Hong Kong stock fund bottom

Reporter Huang Huiling

Investors who bought funds last year will probably not be disappointed with yields. Data shows that in 2019, the overall growth of active equity funds outperformed the market, and the higher the position, the greater the winning range, and the equity funds took the lead.

The comprehensive yield, volatility, timing and stock selection of the interface news are used to evaluate the funds. Meanwhile, the funds listed on the list are further screened. The funds with total asset size less than 50 million and establishment time less than 1 month are excluded, and the net value rise caused by non investment income is excluded, and the annual red black list is formed. Through the long-term tracking of these funds, we try to find funds with relatively high returns, relatively low risks and excellent long-term performance. At the same time, find out the potential risks and problems of some products to help investors lighten up.

Among the 328 stock funds included in the statistics, the highest yield is 106%, the lowest yield is 10%, and the average yield is 50%. During the same period, the CSI 300 index rose 36%, outperforming the CSI 300 index by 14%.

Here are the top 10 equity funds with the highest comprehensive scores:

From the list of funds on the list, we can see that last years science and technology, consumption and pharmaceutical funds were relatively prominent, closely related to the industry trend last year. According to the Shenyin Wanguo secondary industry index, the semiconductor industry led the market with 119%, and the overall growth of food, beverage and medical services ranked first.

Under the situation of science and technology leading the rise, Guangfa diversified emerging (003745) ranked first in the stock fund with 106% of its earnings, and its fund manager was Liu Gesong.

At the same time, the companys products on the list are Wu Xingwus Guangfa medical care (004851), fund manager Wu Xingwu. The medical theme fund earned 83% for the whole of last year.

In fact, according to our scoring model, we also selected a number of medical theme funds, including Agricultural Bank of China Huili medical and health care theme (000913), Cathay Pacific Health (001645), etc. All of the above funds have the characteristics of high scores of timing and stock selection factors, and the annual trend is relatively stable. It is worth noting that AgBank healthcare has been in the top 20 of equity fund performance for two consecutive years.

For two years in a row, Tianhong culture emerging industry (164205) has performed well. In 2018, when the whole market fell, the fund fell by 15%, better controlling the withdrawal, and rose by 88% last year.

At the same time, the list also includes the rich country high-end manufacturing industry (000513) managed by rich country fund and invested by veteran Bi Tianyu for 14 years, with an annual income of 80%.

Lets look at the 10 funds with the lowest comprehensive scores:

While a shares are booming, the Hong Kong stock market is eclipsed. The Hang Seng Index rose just 9% for the whole year, which has also brought bad luck to the funds that are heavily in Hong Kong stocks. Qianhai Open Source Hong Kong stock connects dividend rate top 50 (004098) is at the bottom of the stock fund with 10% of its income. The fund mainly invests in stocks with high cash dividends in the Hong Kong stock market permitted by laws and regulations or regulatory agencies.

Similar encounters include the quantitative selection of Wells Fargo Hong Kong stock connect (005707) and the selection of Huaxia Hong Kong stock connect (160322). The cross market funds such as huitianfu Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen value (001685) and ICBC Credit Suisse Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen (002387) also lagged behind due to the wrong team.

Some funds still lagged behind in buying A-share assets, with Xinyuan core assets (006193), Changsheng multi factor strategy optimization (006478) and HSBC Jinxin market volatility selection (002335) all having a performance lower than 20% last year.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Ren Hui, nbj9607