Liu Shiwens commentary on mixed doubles in the straight through

 Liu Shiwens commentary on mixed doubles in the straight through

This years world table tennis team competition will be held in Busan, South Korea, in March, which is the most important world competition for national table tennis before the Tokyo Olympic Games in July. National table tennis direct to Busan team trials from New Years day to January 4. Mens singles and womens singles each have 12 players, and the champion players will be eligible for the world table tennis championships. Aiming at the newly added mixed doubles gold medal in Tokyo Olympic Games, Guoping also participated in the mixed doubles event for the first time in the straight through competition. Xu Xin / Liu Shiwen, who has already won the Olympic tickets, accepted the challenge of five pairs of combinations, including Malone / dingning. However, Liu Shiwen accidentally sprained her feet during the training in Haikou, and she withdrew from all the womens singles and mixed doubles competitions in this straight through. Guoping has temporarily arranged for sun yingsha, 19, the little devil, to partner with Xu Xin, who won the mixed doubles at the German open last year. After the first round of knockout, the remaining three pairs of the six pairs entered the second round of bloody battle to the end in the evening. Fan Zhendong / Gu Yuting beat Malong / dingning 3-1, Xu Xin / sun yingsha beat fan Zhendong / Gu Yuting 3-1, and then they beat Malong / dingning 3-0. In this way, Xu Xin / sun yingsha, who won two battles and two wins, won the championship.

Liu Shiwen also talked about her experience in the mixed doubles competition with Xu Xin last night. She revealed that the trust between partners is very important. They won the mixed doubles championships in the world table tennis championships, Asian Championships and other important events in 2019. In the whole years competition, she thinks the most meaningful one is the mixed doubles 1 / 4 final of the world table tennis championships. She and Xu Xin fought 7 innings and won 4-3 by Korean combination Lee shangsu / Tian Zhixi.

The competition between mens singles and womens singles of this straight through competition starts today. The champion of mens singles and womens singles will be determined on the 4th, and one ticket will be generated for each of the mens and womens teams of the world table tennis championships.

Source: responsible editor of Guangzhou Daily: Cao Liqiao and ns1806