Van Persie: I think its not the time to smile

 Van Persie: I think its not the time to smile

United lost 2-0 to Arsenal, and both of them criticized United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in their comments. Van Persie believes that Solskjaers personality is too gentle and the players lack the respect for him. Ferdinand pointed out that Solskjaers real problem is that there is no formed tactical system.

Van Persie said of Solskjaer: when I listen to him, I always think he is a good man. But sometimes, I hope hes a bit fierce. He should be angry. After this kind of competition, I still watch him smile. Its not the time to smile.

The coach needs to frighten the players, the game plan is first of all, but the players also need to be afraid of the manager. Van Persie continued, with this awe, the players will know that if they dont finish running and passing, they will be punished and will not be able to play in the next game. From all kinds of signs, Solskjaer really lacks Fergusons temperament that frightens the players

Van Persie also criticized Uniteds midfield players: I think the problem for United is that the midfield cant deliver the last pass, no one can deliver such a pass. Rushford has 15 excellent runs, as has machal, but no one can pass for them, largely because of strength.

Ferdinand gave his opinion: last season at the Emirates Stadium, Manchester United played tactically, I think this is Manchester United. But now, I dont see Manchester Uniteds routine at all. I dont see what the manager wants to play. Manchester Uniteds way of playing looks like giving the ball to machal and then seeing what he can do. Its a chance. Manchester United children are eager to perform well, to be the best player and to achieve great things in their Manchester United shirt. But stability is their fault. I remember Solskjaer used 10 u22 players this season and they have to find stability

Ferdinand also lamented Manchester Uniteds loss of dominance over Arsenal: here we used to bully Arsenal. But this time, we were bullied.

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