Less staple food is better? Nutrition misunderstanding of staple food

 Less staple food is better? Nutrition misunderstanding of staple food

Rice and pasta contain more carbohydrates. After ingestion, they can turn into glucose and enter the blood circulation to generate energy. In order to reduce the harm of hyperglycemia, many people often think of limiting the intake of staple food. Some people think that low carbs can help you lose weight quickly. In addition, some women in order to pursue a slim body, also rarely eat or almost do not eat staple food.

Carbohydrate is an indispensable nutrient for human body. It can release energy rapidly in the body. It is the only available energy for red blood cells, and also the main energy for nervous system, heart and muscle activities. It is of great significance to constitute the body tissue, maintain the normal function of nervous system and heart, strengthen endurance and improve work efficiency. The proportion of energy provided by carbohydrate in the reasonable diet of normal people should be 50% - 65%. In the past, carbohydrate provided only 20% of the total energy in the diet recommended by doctors for diabetic patients, which made the patients in a semi hungry state for a long time, which was not good for disease control. With the deepening of scientific research, this view has been changed, and the intake of carbohydrates for diabetic patients has been gradually relaxed. At present, under the condition of the same carbohydrate content, it is more important to choose foods with low GI (i.e. foods with less blood sugar rise per unit time, such as coarse grains with little processing, such as cooked whole wheat, barley and rye, rice bran, hard wheat noodles, macaroni noodles, black rice, buckwheat, protein fortified noodles, corn flour porridge, corn flour grits, etc.).

Low carbs can help you lose weight quickly. This diet has more obvious side effects, which can lead to halitosis, diarrhea, fatigue and muscle spasm. More importantly, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and makes diabetic patients more prone to complications.

Many people think that carbohydrate is the only source of blood sugar. They dont know that non sugar substances such as protein and fat can also be converted into blood sugar through gluconeogenesis. Therefore, they strictly limit the staple food, eat a large number of high protein and high fat food, and blindly encourage to eat animal food. This method only pays attention to the immediate effect of blood glucose, but ignores the long-term harm of the increase of total energy and fat intake. Whether its carbohydrates or protein and fat, if you eat too much, it will become fat stored in the body. The energy of food carbohydrate is more easily used in the body, and food fat is more easily converted into fat storage.

In this paper, Zhu Jenny, deputy director of the Institute of health risk factors monitoring, Shanghai Center for Disease Control and prevention, conducted a scientific check.

Source: responsible editor of peoples network: Geng Yuanyuan, nj5571