Less ponytail, less greasy hair and good care

 Less ponytail, less greasy hair and good care

2. The body condition, such as anemia, thyroid function is not good, the hair texture will be poor, reflected in the yellow, easy to break, hair loss, etc;

3. Daily care, wash, protect, scald and dye will hurt the hair and damage it. Control of damage factors, such as treatment, control of primary disease, improvement of nursing habits and so on, can improve the health status of hair and increase hair volume to a certain extent.

Daily care can be carried out from two aspects:

1. Choose shampoo and conditioner according to your own conditions. In order to appear fluffy and soft hair, it is necessary to remove more grease and less greasy hair care ingredients; for oily hair, it is necessary to choose more oil removing and cleaning ingredients and less hair care ingredients; for damaged hair, it is necessary to have more hair care ingredients. Do not remove excessive oil, otherwise the hair will be dry and the scalp will be damaged.

2. Less ponytail and other hair styles involving scalp. If the hair is tied too tightly, it will be pulled slowly, leading to pulling alopecia. It is common that the hair is sparse at the front and both hairline. For a long time, the affected hair follicles may be completely destroyed, resulting in a decrease in the number of local hair follicles and a permanent decrease in hair volume. Change hairstyle more can avoid this kind of situation, or make damaged hair follicle recover gradually, grow new hair. If the long-term traction is not corrected in time, the hair follicles have disappeared, and it is useless to change the hair style.

1. The number of hair loss increased, but the shape and thickness were normal. This is a transient increase of hair loss caused by some factors, which may be mental or emotional problems or lack of sleep, malnutrition, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and other systemic diseases. The hair loss will increase 2-4 months after the occurrence of these causes, and the hair will grow back completely 3-6 months after the elimination of the causes.

2. The number of hair loss is normal, but there are many thin, short hair, or hair thinning in the overhead area. This is the characteristic of androgenic alopecia (formerly known as seborrheic alopecia). Men often show Mediterranean type hair loss, hairline receding, and women show more and more wide hair seam on the head. Without treatment, it will become more and more serious, and it will get better after medication.

Source: responsible editor of peoples network: Geng Yuanyuan, nj5571