Japans new years biggest humiliation one of the most famous suspects ran away like this

 Japans new years biggest humiliation one of the most famous suspects ran away like this

For Japan, the new year 2020 is spent in humiliation. One of the most famous suspects under surveillance disappeared from Tokyo and then appeared in Lebanon.

Media exclaimed: This is the biggest contempt for Japans entry and exit.

The prime ministers office is also said to be in a panic. For the ambitious Abe, this new years biggest surprise is really a blow in the head.

To be sure, Japans all-round purge will follow, and a long line of Japanese officials will be held accountable or even lose their official positions.

It was Ghosn who made this new legend. Automotive tycoon Glenn.

Born in Brazil, the 65 year old is a legend himself, but his parents are Lebanese. He has completed university in France, lived in the United States for many years, mastered multiple languages, and has Brazilian, Lebanese and French nationalities.

He entered the Michelin company at the age of 24. His shrewd mind and the courage to make a decisive decision earned him the reputation of cost killer.

In 1996, he took the post of vice president of Renault automobile company. Three years later, he made a big bet to march into Japan and take on the mission of reversing Nissans predicament. At that time, he ordered a series of sacrifices, shut down five Nissan factories and cut 20000 Japanese workers, but also rescued Nissan from the brink of death and became the worlds highest interest rate automobile company.

More than 10 years ago, at the Detroit auto show, I met Mr. Ghosn several times, and he was really aggressive. Ghosn also does not hide his iron fist style. He once said: for the general meeting of shareholders, I practice bowing 30 degrees and 60 degrees, but there is only one reason for me to get there, which is to reorganize the company (Nissan).

But the hegemonic presidents style, especially a foreigners bossy attitude towards the Japanese, can be imagined that the Japanese societys attitude towards Ghosn.

The conflict intensified in 2018.

On November 19 of that year, Japanese prosecutors broke into Ghosns private plane and put him in the detention center on the grounds that he concealed his income and remuneration and misappropriated funds.

But in Mr Ghosns view, all these accusations are nonsense. The root cause is the conspiracy of Nissans senior management. In an interview with AFP, he said: is this a trap? Is it a conspiracy? The situation is clear: This is a story about betrayal.

The reality is cruel. The former CEO of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi automobile companies fell from the cloud to the bottom.

After spending more than more than 100 days in the detention center, Ghosn finally returned to his luxury house in Tokyo with 1 billion 500 million yen guarantee after all parties appealed.

But his life has changed. His CEO position was removed; his business empire, which he painstakingly built, has fallen into the hands of others.

His every move is closely monitored. Three of his passports were confiscated, he was not even allowed to meet his wife and make phone calls, and police installed surveillance probes in his home.

He was trapped in Japan and could not escape. He seemed to accept fate. He has said publicly that he will not leave Japan and that he will defend himself in Japanese courts.

The next court session, scheduled for April 2020, is expected to see him sentenced to about 10 years in prison.

It was soon discovered that all of this was just gohns plan.

Soon by the end of 2019, an overseas band appeared in Ghosns mansion. They are invited to have a new years family performance. The miserable Ghosn needs some new years joy, which is also human nature and approved by the Japanese police.

But in fact, according to the media, these people are a paramilitary organization, many of them are ex special fighters. They came to Japan to save Ghosn.

After all, Ghosn is a big living man. How easy is it to be taken away under the eyes of the police?

Everything seemed normal. The bands performance ended soon. Several members of the band took Cello and other instruments and left the mansion of Ghosn.

The police monitor everything. When I came, I was still a few people; when I came, I was a few musical instruments, and when I left, I was still a few musical instruments.

But this is only the first step. Once the police find out the abnormality, not only is it impossible for Ghosn to get rid of his shell, but also he will be added to the crime; these overseas musicians will also be put in prison for violating the criminal law.

The next step is to race against time.

The rescue team immediately drove to the airport. Instead of choosing the nearest Tokyo airport, they went to Kansai Airport in Osaka, 600 kilometers away. There, Ghosn used a fake passport to cheat border personnel and boarded a private plane, which quickly flew to Istanbul, Turkey.

After all, its a long way from Tokyo to Kansai Airport in Osaka. It takes at least six hours without a break.

This requires precise control of time. The plane took off at 11 p.m. on December 29, and then Ghosn had to escape from his home in Tokyo at 4 p.m. Considering that there are all kinds of security checks for airplanes and railways, one more probe is more dangerous, and the safest route is driving. These former special fighters need to step on several times.

Private planes also go through security checks and customs, but at Kansai Airport, there is no record of Ghosns appearance, which is likely that he not only used a fake passport, but also made up.

A well-known suspect can leave the country grandly, but also exposed the huge security loopholes in Japan, which is famous for its refined management.

In Istanbul, Ghosns second wife, Carol, is waiting for him and is believed to be at the heart of the plot. The couple then took a smaller private jet to Beirut, Lebanon.

Ghosn is a Lebanese, and he has always been regarded as a hero in Lebanon. After Ghosn was arrested by Japanese prosecutors in 2018, many Lebanese held high the slogan we are all Ghosn to protest against the bad motives of Japanese law enforcement.

As a result, the most famous suspect in Japan completed an impossible task and escaped from Japan. But Japan is still in the dark.

On December 31, Ghosn confirmed his arrival in Beirut through a statement issued by his agent in New York. He explained that he did not escape from the legal sanctions, but escape from the judicial injustice and political persecution in Japan.

Next, there must be all kinds of complaints, a fierce international public opinion war between a big man and Japan.

It wasnt until then that Japan realized that Ghosn had really run away.

The national uproar, the New Year celebration moment turned into the new year humiliation.

What did the surveillance police do?

What happened to Kansai Airport?

Where did you get your private plane and passport?

One question after another, slapping the Japanese government in the face.

Abes new year is a bit of a grey one. Dont forget, there are also the Tokyo Olympic Games this year. Such loopholes have also cooled the Japanese.

The most interesting is the Japanese ambassador to Lebanon. The ambassador was at a party that day, very happy. But all of a sudden he was told that Ghosn had run, and that he had run to Lebanon. The ambassadors face changed a lot. He didnt say a word for a few minutes, and then went away angrily

But the whole operation, comparable to the escape of Hollywood blockbusters, is obviously after a long time of careful planning, and there must be high people behind it.

1. Cello is the most critical rescue instrument, which is definitely the choice after repeated sales promotion.

2. As a result, the band specially planned a door-to-door performance and obtained the consent of the police.

3. In fact, some former agents of the musicians also consider that the operation is highly confidential and tense, which can be completed by non ordinary people.

4. In terms of time, I chose new years Eve specially, and it is easy to get the approval of the police.

5. On New Years Eve, I also like the festival atmosphere, and all aspects of management will be lax.

6. After picking up Ghosn, go to Kansai Airport in Osaka instead of checking Tokyo airport, which must have passed the stampede.

7. In order to avoid the security check and probe as much as possible, they did not take the plane or the train, but drove 600 kilometers to Osaka.

8. Prepare a fake passport in advance, but it doesnt rule out that Ghosn disguised himself.

9. Prepare private aircraft to avoid all possible changes such as the delay of ordinary civil aviation aircraft.

10. He finally arrived in Lebanon and issued a statement. Lebanon and Japan had no extradition treaty, and Ghosn escaped for life.

During the whole process, these agents must have visited Japan several times, but the Japanese didnt realize it; even though Ghosn had fled Japan, they were still in the dark.

It has to be said that really fierce people are never caught without a fight.

For Japan, this new years gift is a bit bitter.

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