On the first day of 2020, the mob smashed the fire and raised the flag of Hong Kong Independence to arrest 400 people

 On the first day of 2020, the mob smashed the fire and raised the flag of Hong Kong Independence to arrest 400 people

Overseas network, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) yesterday (1), masked thugs launched violent attacks in Causeway Bay, Wanchai, central and other places, blocking roads, setting fire, throwing petrol bombs and wantonly damaging, many shops, Chinese banks and HSBC, even the high court of the SAR have become their targets again. The police arrested about 400 people, involving illegal assembly and possession of offensive weapons.

According to the Hong Kong Radio and Wen Wei Po, the mob once again launched violent rallies through Hong Kongs front of the people March, causing devastation along Causeway Bay, Wan Chai and central, extending the violence to the new year. Wu lejun, senior police chief of Hong Kong Island police, said last night that a small group of thugs had vandalized many stores since the March began. During the police operation, there were mobs surrounding the police officers, throwing bricks, gas bombs, etc. Police arrested about 400 people on the same day and seized a large number of offensive weapons.

It is reported that at about 4 p.m. yesterday, masked thugs damaged HSBCs facilities at the junction of Hennessy road and Luau road in Wanchai, including smashing the banks hoarding and glass doors, smashing the teller machine, etc. After receiving the report, the riot police immediately used the minimum force to disperse, subdued 5 rioters on the spot, and arrested them on suspicion of criminal damage.

There are also people in black blocking roads along other routes, throwing bricks, sundries and petrol bombs, setting fire everywhere and damaging the facilities of many banks and shops, including the glass doors and windows of China Life Building in Wanchai and a coffee shop in the lobby. Two copper lions outside HSBCs head office in central have also been painted with red paint and graffiti, while rioters have blocked roads and set fire near Hennessy road gooseneck bridge with bricks and ice cream cones. At night, the rioters began to swim around Causeway Bay, Wanchai and many districts in central.

Hong Kong police said they strongly condemned the thugs for challenging the rule of law. The police will enforce the law strictly and have listed the case as criminal damage.

Police clear roadblocks

In a statement issued by the Attorney General of the HKSAR government, it was pointed out that the HKSAR Government respected the freedom of speech of individuals and that social people had the right to express their opinions on the courts decisions or related matters to the extent permitted by law. Anyone who refuses to accept the decision of the case shall appeal through the current system, but personal attack and abuse on the judge will seriously damage the authority of the court and the confidence of the public in the judicial system.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong SAR government also issued a statement last night, strongly condemning the violence and violations of the law on the day of the rioters, as well as the blatant personal attacks and insults made against judges. The police will be held strictly accountable according to law.

The Hong Kong government strongly condemns the fact that thugs once again defaced the high court and made further personal attacks on judges in different places. The society will never tolerate such acts that cause great harm to the rule of law in Hong Kong. The spokesman pointed out that the HKSAR government respects the peaceful expression of public opinions, but called on the public not to acquiesce in or tolerate any violence, so as not to encourage the bad conduct of thugs. The public participating in the March should also stay away from thugs, so as not to hinder the law enforcement of the police.

In response to the waving of the Hong Kong Independence flag and the flag of foreign countries, the spokesman strongly condemned those acts that ignored the constitutional order of Hong Kong and seriously damaged the overall and long-term interests of Hong Kong society, and opposed any foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the Hong Kong SAR. The spokesman stressed that the SAR government will not turn a blind eye to any violation of the constitution, and that the people should cherish Hong Kongs unique advantages under the one country, two systems policy and should not do anything harmful to national feelings.

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