North Korea promotes strategic weapons development Trump: I believe North Korea will keep its promise

 North Korea promotes strategic weapons development Trump: I believe North Korea will keep its promise

North Korea wants frontal assault

Kim Jong Un said at the Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Korean labor party that North Korea took the lead in taking major measures such as stopping nuclear test and intercontinental ballistic missile test in order to build trust between North Korea and the United States, but the United States has not been able to respond to them. Instead, it has taken military threat and sanctions against North Korea, once again proving its ambition to kill the Korean system to the whole world and Pyongyang Cold water has been poured on efforts to achieve global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. There is no longer any reason for North Korea to be unilaterally bound by a convention that the other side does not follow.

Kim said that due to the banditry of the United States, the external environment of North Korea has not changed in any way, no matter whether it takes the parallel route or concentrates all its forces on economic construction, and the hostilities and nuclear threat and intimidation are still intensified. In his view, the current situation proves that cultivating the forces needed by North Korea to protect itself from the invasion of sovereignty and security by hostile forces is the way that North Korea should not hesitate to stick to, owning and continuing to strengthen the invincible military forces that no one can invade is the unswerving goal of the Korean Labor Party in national defense construction. Kim said North Korea should vigorously promote the development of strategic weapons until the United States cancels its hostile policy towards North Korea and establishes a lasting and consolidated peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula.

Kim stressed that due to the unreasonable demands of the United States against the fundamental interests of North Korea, the relationship between the two countries will inevitably be stalemated for a long time, we still need to continue to live and fight in the sanctions of hostile forces. To this end, all the party organizations and cadres of the labor party should devote themselves to the self-reliance in the frontal assault war against the sanctions and blockade, and the main front of the assault war is the economic front. He proposed to restructure North Koreas national economic foundation, tap all productive potential to ensure economic development and peoples livelihood improvement, and to ensure victory with strong political diplomacy and military offensive.

North Korea announced in April 2018 that it would suspend its nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests and take a path of concentrating on economic development. Kim Jong Uns latest statement represents Pyongyangs return to the path of nuclear and economic development at an interval of one year and eight months, Yonhap said Monday. According to CNN, Kims statement means that North Korea will soon resume its nuclear test, making it difficult for the Korean Peninsula to achieve denuclearization.

However, several media, including the associated press and the Yonhap news agency, believe that although Kim Jong Uns statement is tough, there is no sign that North Korea will give up the denuclearization consultation with the United States in an all-round way to leave room for the dprk-u.s. dialogue, so as to urge the United States to change its attitude. The BBC said Monday that North Koreas top leader did not name US President trump in his speech, which is a way to lower the tone. Agence France Presse said that Kim Jong Un broke the practice on the 1st and did not issue a new years message. Li Lei Fu, a professor at South Koreas Lihua womens University, said the move may be aimed at softening the message released at the labor party meeting.

According to BBC and AFP, analysts believe that Kim Jong Un knows that US President trump will soon face a re-election campaign. It will be a major diplomatic humiliation for the White House to resume North Koreas nuclear test. Kim Jong Uns latest message to Washington is: if you want to avoid a long-range missile test during the campaign, make major concessions quickly.. The two concessions Pyongyang most wants include easing sanctions and security. However, analysts believe that it is difficult for the White House to succumb to the pressure of the DPRK. Trumps response may be to increase sanctions, increase military presence in Northeast Asia and other measures. The world may face serious turbulence this year.

North Korea will keep its promise

According to CNN, trump said he has good relations with Kim Jong Un about North Koreas latest move and believes that the latter will abide by its promise of denuclearization. In an interview with Fox News, U.S. Secretary of State John pompeio said he hopes Kim Jong Un can choose peace rather than conflict and war.

According to Yonhap, South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Li Xiangmin said that the latest move of the DPRK will not help the DPRK US denuclearization negotiations and peace on the Korean Peninsula, and the South Korean government will continue to make efforts to make progress in the DPRK US denuclearization negotiations and improve relations between the two Koreas. He said that North Korea has not yet announced the suspension of the dialogue with the United States. Seoul looks forward to the early resumption of the dialogue and substantive progress in accordance with the principles of the implementation of the DPRK US Singapore declaration. South Koreas Foreign Minister for peace negotiations on the peninsula, Lee Doo hoon, and the U.S. State Department on Monday telephoned the special representative for North Korean policy, Bigen, to discuss Kim Jong Uns statement. Li duxun will visit the United States this month to meet with Bigen and hold consultations on the situation on the peninsula and the resumption of DPRK US negotiations.

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