How to treat 19-year-old game addiction by stealing 200000 games from his home

 How to treat 19-year-old game addiction by stealing 200000 games from his home

Nine months ago, the Department was officially established. Now, it is running smoothly and normatively. On the bulletin board in front of the nurse station, the schedule of patients and the assessment and scoring standards are posted.

According to the latest survey, about 16.57% of Chinese are suffering from various mental disorders and psychological problems. Mental health, especially the mental health of children and adolescents, has increasingly become a major public health problem.

Recently, 12 ministries and commissions, including the national health and Health Commission, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee and the Ministry of education, issued the action plan for healthy China - mental health of children and adolescents (2019-2022), which proposed that by the end of 2022, all kinds of schools at all levels should establish mental service platforms or rely on school doctors and other personnel to carry out mental health services for students, and preschool education and special education institutions should be equipped with full-time and part-time mental health services Teachers of health education. Some experts pointed out that in recent years, the mental health situation of children and adolescents is not optimistic. The biggest highlight of this program is to implement the construction of childrens mental health system.

According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are nearly 100 Internet addiction abstinence institutions in China, as well as various training classes, summer camps, etc., but the Department of adolescent addictive behavior is different. It mainly treats non-material addicts such as game addicts, shopping addicts, gambling addicts and so on.

Near the new year, the Department of adolescent addictive behavior seems to be a little cold, and there are only nine teenagers in the hospital. In the past nine months, about 70 people have been discharged from the hospital, most of them are under 18 years old, of which 67% are simply addicted to games, the youngest 10 years old and the largest 25 years old, mainly concentrated in 12-16 years old, and 80% are boys.

Ye Jian, director of adolescent addictive behavior Department of Guangzhou Baiyun psychological hospital, analyzed that most of these teenagers started to use mobile phones from the fourth grade of primary school because of school assignment on mobile phones. When they first entered junior high school, they were easy to get along with their teachers and classmates, and their grades fluctuated and declined, resulting in weariness and addiction to games.

Game addiction is a mental illness

In recent years, in addition to indulging in online games such as Kings glory, eating chicken and Three Kingdoms killing, watching live games makes it more difficult for teenagers to extricate themselves.

Im going to brush the plane and cruise for the game host. Ill be a game host later When the problems such as games and live webcasts develop to a certain extent, it will cause unimaginable harm to life, family and personal health.

When the doctor of Baiyun psychological hospital first saw the game addicted teenager Xiao Chen (because of the privacy involved, the minors in this article are all pseudonyms, the same below - reporters note), his hair was long and disordered, obviously he didnt take care of it for a long time, he was seriously hunchback and high and low shoulder, the cervical spine was obviously scoliosis and deformed, the two knuckles on the mobile phone screen were thick, and the knuckles were protruding His face is full of dark sores that stay up late, and his body smells rotten. Its the most intuitive harm that game addiction can do to him. His mother shook her head and said that the child didnt go out all day long, his cell phone didnt leave him. He hadnt bathed or changed clothes for two weeks.

Another 19-year-old addict stole 200000 yuan from his home to recharge the game.

In fact, game addiction is similar to drug addiction, and theft and robbery will occur in order to obtain game funds. Some researchers have scanned the head of patients with play disorder and found that their brain structure has changed, and play addiction has had a pathological impact on them.

Therefore, it is urgent to treat these teenagers. Baiyun psychological hospital is in the front of Guangzhou and even Guangdong Province. On June 19, 2018, the World Health Organization announced the inclusion of game disorder, or game addiction, into the international classification of diseases, officially recognized game addiction as a mental disease, and formulated diagnostic criteria, which provides evidence for our treatment of game addiction patients.

The health China action (2019-2030), released in July 2019, proposes to carry out mental health promotion actions and primary and secondary school health promotion actions, and has formulated phased goals for 2022 and 2030 for children and adolescents mental health. Among them, by 2022, the proportion of primary and secondary schools equipped with full-time and part-time mental health workers should reach more than 80%.

Before game addiction was included in the disease, the outpatient department of Baiyun psychological hospital received more than 100 parents help. By chance, Guangzhou Baiyun psychological hospital learned that the inpatient department of a Japanese medical center hospital admitted patients with play disorder and went to study. After investigating its treatment framework and treatment course arrangement experience on the spot, Guangzhou Baiyun psychological hospital, in combination with the actual situation of Chinese teenagers, prepared to build the adolescent addiction behavior department, emphasizing that family members accompany the adolescents to the hospital and participate in the return together Phase treatment. In the practice of 9 months, the effect is remarkable.

Family is an important factor of teenagers game addiction

According to authoritative data, playing games for 12 hours a day for more than 12 months is the double 12 standard to judge a teenagers game addiction. In fact, many parents are close to breaking down when their children play games for several months. Game addicts often lose self-control of the game, the daily life of the game priority, excessive addiction leads to unable to extricate themselves, social function damage.

In Ye Jians view, the key factor affecting teenagers game addiction is family. More than 80% of teenagers who come to the clinic for consultation or treatment have problems in family education.

Ye Jian said that the reason why teenagers are addicted to games is largely to escape the unhappiness in reality. In addition to the lack of real communication, game addicts often lack the attention and care of their families.

In the eyes of the patient Xiaohuang, his father is a frequent business trip, maybe only once a month person. His familys lack of care and education, as well as the dissatisfaction of real life, made him choose to indulge in the virtual world in order to obtain the needs that the real world could not meet.

He (Xiaohuang) played the game crazily. His mother took him to the hospital to complete the hospitalization procedures. He didnt know it. Ye Jian recalled the moment when he finished the formalities and the doctor took away his mobile phone, he started kicking the door madly, and saw that everyone was like an enemy, becoming very irascible and aggressive. This is the general withdrawal reaction of addicts. One month later, Xiao Huangs mother came to visit him with great surprise. I used to yell at us while playing games. I told him to kick over when he ate. Now I can calm down and talk.

Targeted treatment, family care, mutual listening, so that Xiaohuang gradually quit Internet addiction. After leaving the hospital in May 2019, Xiao Huang became a delivery worker. Now I have to use my mobile phone to receive orders for delivery, but basically I dont play games. Every day Im full and happy.

In addition, parents marriage problems may also be the catalyst of childrens game addiction. A pair of parents who went to Guangzhou for medical treatment described Xiao Lin, a son with excellent grades and a wide range of hobbies, as addicted to games from high school, suffering from depression and repeatedly trying to commit suicide.

Doctors found that Xiao Lins problems were closely related to his parents bad relationship. It turned out that Xiao Lin didnt want to see his parents bad relationship and was afraid of their divorce, so he hoped to attract their parents attention through unusual behavior to consume their parents energy of quarreling, but inadvertently became a problem teenager.

Parents quarrel and unharmonious relationship have a great influence on their childrens mental health. Their neglect of their childrens discipline leads to their childrens lack of support and help, encouragement and affirmation, which leads to a series of problems.

Therefore, combined with various influencing factors and practical reasons, the Department of adolescent addictive behavior has formulated a set of closed two-month hospitalization treatment plan, which is divided into three stages: the period of withdrawal from addiction, the period of rehabilitation and the period of family return. Among them, the family treatment in the family return period is the most important. Parents are required to be in hospital with their children for two weeks to solve family problems together.

In addition, clinicians, physical rehabilitation practitioners, job trainers and other professionals simultaneously carry out comprehensive auxiliary treatment for game addicts, such as drug, physical, skill training, etc., through physical training to help them strengthen their bodies and correct their limbs. The 400 square meter public indoor space of the Department is also equipped with learning room, library, studio, gym, karaoke room, etc., to help patients understand play correctly and play more healthily. Ye Jian explained: to some extent, the only game left in life reflects that patients will not play, do not know how to correctly play, leading to game addiction. Through various courses, the attention of addicts will be drawn from online to offline, and their interests will be cultivated in many aspects, from the interaction with the game screen to the interpersonal interaction in real life. In addition, carry out group therapy, set up double rooms, also let patients learn to get along with peers, learn to deal with interpersonal relationships.

Its not the Internet, its the addiction

To quit Internet addiction, it is addiction rather than Internet Ye Jian said that when patients are in the family return period, the hospital will return mobile phones and computers within a certain period of time, so that children can access the Internet reasonably and learn to control themselves. Todays life cant leave the Internet. Its impossible and unnecessary to quit. Its the most important thing for children to learn how to use the Internet properly.

Liu Chunliu, head nurse of the Department of adolescent addictive behavior, said that life skills training and reading and writing run through the whole treatment process to help patients overcome psychological problems and mental disorders caused by addictive behavior and better integrate into society. The hospital is not equipped with cleaning personnel. We take cleaning as a treatment method and restore their ability of self-care through appropriate labor.

During the treatment, Xiao Lins parents received the doctors husband and wife guidance, and the relationship between husband and wife was gradually restored. The normal treatment took two or three months, but they were discharged on the 49th day of hospitalization. Ye Jian was very pleased to see the scene of their happy family leaving the hospital. Many parents dont think they have problems, so they cant deal with the problems in time. Only when parents actively participate in the treatment can they get the best results.

Ye Jian said, adolescents in adolescence are a contradiction both physically and psychologically. Any problem may lead them astray. Parents should take the initiative to understand their childrens psychological dynamics, guide and guide them in time, and accompany them with high quality and heart, so that their children can grow up healthily.

According to the action plan just issued in China, by the end of 2022, 50% of parents schools or family education guidance service stations should carry out mental health education; 60% of secondary and above mental hospitals should set up mental outpatient clinics for children and adolescents; 30% of childrens specialized hospitals, maternal and child health care hospitals, secondary and above general hospitals should set up mental (psychological) outpatient clinics; all cities should set up or access psychological assistance The awareness rate of mental health core knowledge of children and adolescents should reach 80%.

According to the person in charge of the disease control bureau of the national health and Health Commission, the purpose of launching the mental health action for children and adolescents is to ensure the achievement of the above-mentioned phased goals by 2022, to meet the challenge of the increasing incidence of mental behavior problems and mental disorders among children and adolescents, and to form a mental health service mode of linkage among schools, communities, families, media, medical and health institutions The social environment is conducive to the mental health of children and adolescents. For example, for the students and their parents, disadvantaged students, general bad behavior teenagers, psychological counseling should be carried out, if necessary, psychological intervention should be carried out.

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