The 99 cases involved made a profit of 300 million, and the two mothers and children became local Emperors in the community

 The 99 cases involved made a profit of 300 million, and the two mothers and children became local Emperors in the community

Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju are taken to court

rule the country like a family

Qingyun community becomes a symbol of illegal influence

Opening the indictment, the name Zhang Chen on the first page is particularly striking. Zhang Chen, less than 40 years old, was once famous in Xintai City, Shandong Province. In 1998, Zhang Chen was detained twice for disturbing public order and making trouble, and he was reeducated through labor for two years. In 2003, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment by Xintai City Court for the crime of intentional injury (causing death to the victim) These notoriety accumulated by many years of crime once made local people talk about Chens color change.

However, Zhang Chen understood in her heart that if she wants to avoid the attack, she must hurry to find herself a legal coat. In June 2010, Zhang Chen took over his fathers work in Qingyun community of Xintai City and served as the assistant director of the neighborhood committee and director of the demolition office.

In December of that year, Zhang Chenhe and others went to Qingyun Community Party committee after drinking to make trouble, forcing the former party secretary and director of the neighborhood committee who had just been in office for less than half a year to resign. In April 2011, Zhang Chen served as the director of the neighborhood committee of Qingyun community and joined the party in June of that year; in June 2012, he served as the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Qingyun community and presided over the work in an all-round way; in September, he sat on the throne of the Secretary of the Party committee of Qingyun community as he wished.

After working in the community, Zhang Chenli used his long-term accumulated bad name to gradually form a psychological compulsion on the members and staff of the two committees of the community, and took advantage of his position in Qingyun community to control the community subordinate units such as Xintai Xincheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Qingyun community patrol team and Qinglong Road market patrol team, turning Qingyun community into his ownu201c Home and world .

In April 22, 2012, when Zhang Chen handled the disputes at the new site of the new world, he gathered the members of the two committees of the Qingyun community and the patrol units under the community to take the weapons to the construction site, commanding, beating others, and injuring 11 people. Afterwards, the victim was coerced to agree to mediation, and no one member of the community was finally prosecuted.

Qingyun community became famous in the first World War. These four words are not only a common regional name, but also a symbol of illegal influence. At this point, the underworld organization led by Zhang Chen was formed.

The Community Patrol should arrange for Zhang Chens family to stand guard and call secretary when seeing him


9 households are deprived of all community benefits

Zhang Chen was honored as secretary and master in the organization, and his mother Zhao Wenju was honored as old lady. Soon after the formation of the organization, Zhao Wenju took advantage of Zhang Chens mothers identity to intervene in community affairs and direct the implementation of illegal crimes. Her Yuchun hotel also became one of the gathering places of the organization. According to the members of the organization, Zhang Chen has the final say, the highest level; the second level should be Zhao Wenju, Zhang Chen, everything is discussed with Zhao Wenju, Zhao Wenju is behind the scenes.

The mother of Zhang Chen is not only an identity sign, but also a token for Zhao Wenju to gather and command family members and community members to carry out illegal acts, which is the capital for Zhao Wenju to become an organization leader. As Zhang Mou, a key member of the gang, confessed, Zhao Wenju is not a community leader, but her opinions represent Zhang Chens opinions, and her family and community members are obedient to her.

At the end of 2011, 9 community residents in Qingyun community jointly reported the demolition problem, which implied that Zhang Chen and her father had the problem of illegal crime. However, the report letter fell into Zhang Chens hands.

Then, under Zhao Wenjus collection and command, Zhang Chens family members and the community staff who were ordered by him, together with the so-called defame Zhang Chens reputation 9 community residents and relatives, carried out such acts of retaliation as abusing, beating, intimidating, damaging property, splashing feces. Moreover, on June 25, 2012, Zhang Chen issued a document in the name of Qingyun Community Party committee, neighborhood committee and democratic consultative and political supervision committee, and decided to cancel all community welfare benefits such as old age allowance, funeral, cemetery, relief, subsidy, etc. for the nine community residents and their relatives with a total of 18 residents from July 1 of that year, resulting in relatives unable to settle down, children unable to enter school, and after death unable to enter Public forest, residential water and electricity for up to two years. Some people are forced to leave their homes. When a victim was questioned by the judicial organ, he cried in tears and said, its a shame to die!!

Engineering projects

Monopolizing the construction projects in the surrounding areas,

Profit of over 300 million yuan

The underworld organizations, led by Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju, have accumulated strong economic strength by seizing economic benefits through illegal crimes and other means, forming a situation of protecting business by underworld and supporting black by business. Within six years, the organization monopolized the construction projects in Qingyun community and surrounding areas, with a profit of more than 300 million yuan, seriously damaging the local normal economic, social and life order.

In the early spring of 2015, Xintai branch of the peoples Insurance Company of China decided to renovate the business outlets according to the unified budget and bidding decision of the provincial company. Only because the company is located in Qingyun community area, the bid winning company and xintaizhi company have been threatened and blackmailed for many times, and they are allowed to carry out normal construction after being forced to pay 60000 yuan of so-called office building decoration engineering waste cleaning and transportation fee and donation of community construction fund. Zhang Chen threatened: on the ground of our Qingyun community, I have to build a chicken house!

In August 2015, Zhang Chen concurrently served as the first Secretary of the Party branch of Hujiagou village. Taking advantage of his position, he handed over the relocation building project of Hujiagou village to the project department under his own actual control for construction, and privately decided not to implement the original management fee standard. Each building only paid a management fee of 15000 yuan, making an illegal profit of more than 30 million yuan.

One day in September 2015, Liu Mou, the former village committee cadre of Hujiagou village, raised an objection to Zhang Chen at the meeting. The next day, Zhang Chen gathered and ordered others to beat, abuse and illegally detain Liu Mou to establish her influence in Hujiagou village. Under duress, Liu had to lie to the police that he was injured by a fall, which had nothing to do with Zhang Chen, and said that no police intervention was needed before he was allowed to leave the hospital.

Set rules

Whoever performs well will be rewarded;

Whoever doesnt do well will be punished

Since Zhang Chen served as the director and secretary, there is no democracy to speak of. All work should be carried out according to his personal preferences, and many rules have been set for the community. For example, the police office is equipped with a unified rubber stick, walkie talkie, patrol car and uniform. The patrol team should arrange to stand guard for their home. Seeing Zhang Chen, it is necessary to stand up and shout secretary and so on. Whoever performs well will be rewarded, and whoever does not perform well will be punished. Whether this is good or not depends on Zhang Chens happiness or not. Some members of the organization are reused because they are obedient and do what you want. According to the statement of key members of the organization, whoever he wants to join the party will join the party, and whoever listens to him will join the party. This is also Zhang Chens political reward for these people.. Joining the party, such a sacred and important thing, has completely become Zhang Chens means of soliciting, controlling and managing members of the organization.

In July 2016, in order to protect the interests of Zhang Chen, Ma Mou, a member of the organization, was detained by the public security for making troubles and beating others. After his release, Zhang Chen arranged to give him a bonus as a reward, but Ma Mou did not dare to receive the so-called bonus at all. Such a loyal person has not escaped Zhang Chens punishment. At the beginning of 2017, Ma was hospitalized because of illness, and his wife Bai sent a text message to persuade him to work less and rest more. This caused Zhang Chen dissatisfaction. That afternoon, Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju gathered family members to Bais unit and home, beat Bai with fan face and other methods, and ordered him to kneel down and admit his mistake. Not only that, but also ask Ma and his wife to return the house in Qingyun community, where they have lived for three years, at the original price. At that time, the house had already appreciated. Zhao Wenju, who still hasnt been relieved, asks Ma and his wife to move away overnight. At the beginning of the second month of the lunar calendar, it was very cold and precipitous. Ma and his wife were displaced that night with their children who were several months old.

Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju also got some honorary titles by virtue of the black and white diamond camp. In April 2018, in the report hall of Shandong hall, Zhang Chen, as the award-winning representative of model worker of Shandong Province, boarded the rostrum to receive recognition. To this end, he also found a full-time photographer to serve him. During the meeting, another representative next to Zhang Chen asked the photographer to take a picture as a souvenir. Who Chengxiang, because the photographer pressed the shutter more, was beaten by Zhang Chens family members and some Qingyun community workers in 11 ways, such as face slapping, punching, kicking, and batting with a stick.

Final offence

Zhang Chen, Zhao Wenju and 35 other defendants

Both were sentenced.

In September 2018, Xintai Public Security Bureau took criminal detention measures against Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju; on October 12 of the same year, with the approval of Xintai Procuratorate, Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju were arrested according to law.

In March 2019, under the jurisdiction designated by Taian Procuratorate, Feicheng procuratorate established Xintai Zhangchen special public prosecution team to intervene in the case of Zhang Chen, Zhao Wenju and others suspected of organizing, leading and participating in underworld type organization crimes in advance.

In more than three months, the special task force successively issued 8 batches of 456 guiding evidence collection suggestions to the public security organs, contacted the public security, the court and the Supervision Committee for many times on supplementary investigation matters, property issues involved in the case, case fact identification and legal application, timely transferred 27 umbrella clues found in the case, and formed more than 20 legal opinions on the investigation facts of the supervision committee of Taian City.

On June 30, 2019, the case was transferred to Feicheng procuratorate for examination and prosecution after investigation by Xintai Public Security Bureau. The special public prosecution team did not let go of any details of the case. 197 files piled up in a mountain were sorted out in a clear and hierarchical way, and the frozen funds of more than 200 million yuan were accurate to 51 points.

During the interrogation, the special public prosecution team informed 37 suspects one by one and explained in detail the leniency system of confession and punishment, and sorted out the applicable list of criminal suspects according to the confession situation, and actively communicated with the defenders. Finally, in addition to Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju, the other 35 defendants all pleaded guilty, with the application rate of 94.59%.

On October 8, 2019, Feicheng procuratorate prosecuted 37 people, including Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju, for 16 charges and 99 cases of illegal crimes, including the crime of organizing, leading and participating in underworld organizations. On December 26, 2019, the Feicheng City Court adopted all the sentencing suggestions put forward by the procuratorial organ. In the first instance, it sentenced Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju, the first offenders, respectively, to 25 and 20 years imprisonment for the crimes of organizing and leading underworld organizations, corruption, occupation, provocation, extortion, obstruction of testimony, illegal detention and forced trading Five years of deprivation of political rights and confiscation of all personal property were also imposed. The remaining 35 defendants have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 19 years to one year and six months and fined in varying amounts, of which 9 backbone members have been deprived of political rights for three years.

After statement

In this case, when Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenjus mother and son extended their lust and violence to Qingyun community and Hujiagou village, when Zhang Chen was in charge of grass-roots political power, when his family members and community members were inseparable and obedient, it meant that the organization would eventually embark on a criminal road that was against the people and deviated from the times.

Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenjus mother and son chose this road of crime, which not only seriously infringed the victims rights of person and property, eroded the stability of the grass-roots political power, destroyed the local economic and social life order, but also put themselves in prison, broke up the family members of the organization, separated their children, and made the whole organization go to the abyss of self destruction and irreparable.

The two key factors for the success of the case are to cut off the material basis for the resurgence of the organization, to eradicate the soil for the continued existence of crime, and to restore the mass basis damaged by the organization for a long time, so that the coerced criminals can actively repent and confess, actively accept transformation, and restore the society covered by crime Ecology. This case is a tough battle. It is to wipe out the evil forces led by Zhang Chen and Zhao Wenju. It is to purify the political ecology, win social peace, consolidate the foundation of governance, and make Xintai a prosperous and upright place.

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