The great escape of former leader of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance

 The great escape of former leader of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance

As a result of internal reports from Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, then president of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi automobile of France, arrived at Tokyo airport on November 19, 2018, and was immediately arrested by the special search Department of Tokyo local prosecutors office. He was later accused by Japanese inspectors of several crimes, including undisclosed extra compensation of tens of millions of dollars, and more serious misappropriation of Nissan funds to purchase properties, bonds and stocks for individuals, which kept him in Japanese custody. During this period, all his posts have been removed.

On March 6, 2019, he was released on bail after paying a huge deposit of 1 billion yen. He was arrested for the fourth time on April 4 of the same year, and was released on bail again after paying a deposit of 500 million yen on April 25 of the same year. He was forbidden to go abroad without permission and meet his wife. He could only stay at home in Tokyo, Japan, and could not contact others, waiting for the trial in April 2020. For a while, the strict degree of monitoring on Ghosn has been in a close state, and judicial personnel enter the home to directly monitor Ghosn. Because of this kind of high-pressure monitoring by the Japanese side, Ghosn spread his situation to the public through different channels such as lawyers, saying that his human rights were violated, which attracted the attention of some overseas countries.

Its a dark night at the end of December 2019. A performance band enters Ghosns mansion in Tokyo, not far from the French embassy. They were invited by Ghosn for the new years performance, all under the approval and surveillance of the police. But the bands real identities are some former special forces members who were recruited to rescue Ghosn.

After the performance, several band members left as soon as they entered, hiding in one of the already customized instrument boxes. Japanese police did not find anything different.

Then Ghosns rescue team drove to the airport. According to the latest news, instead of choosing a crowded and well guarded Tokyo airport, they rushed all the way to Kansai Airport in Osaka. There, Mr. Ghosn used a fake passport that was not his own to trick customs officers into getting on a prepared private plane. The plane soon flew to Istanbul, Turkey, and then changed planes to continue to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, where he was waiting for his wife and family, of course, Beirut also has Ghosns mansion.

Obviously this is a carefully planned rescue plan. The media believe that the organiser of the project is Mr. Ghosns wife, and there are quite a number of incredible places that are intriguing.

First of all, the choice of time is very particular. The implementation of the plan during the Christmas and New Year holidays can make the Japanese police relax their vigilance; the rescue means are also carefully considered, and people are taken out by dressing up as band members; finally, the relatively remote airport is chosen to leave, which is more likely to deceive customs officers here. Because all three of his passports were seized by lawyers, it is believed that Ghosn also disguised himself to be able to use fake passports to muddle through. The organization and implementation of this plan need careful design and preparation. Even a large number of sites should be planted and linked up. Every link should be guaranteed to be infallible. Eventually, they have done it. Of course, the cost must be huge. Im afraid that even the film cant do this.

Ghosns divine operation has also brought shame to Japanese judicial and government institutions. An important economic criminal suspect on bail, whose three passports are all in the hands of a lawyer, unexpectedly broke through the police, customs and other checkpoints and flew abroad directly under the eyes of the police. It wasnt until Mr. Ghosn issued the statement that the Japanese realized that he had left Tokyo long ago. Japanese customs also said that there was no exit record of Mr. Ghosn at all, because he used a fake passport. Japans legal authorities believe that this is a situation that shakes the entry-exit management system, and will investigate the original cause of how Ghosn went abroad.

Hong zhongdunyilang, a lawyer of ghorns law firm, said perplexedly on the 31st: it was quite unexpected, too surprised, it was totally unexpected..

Tokyos local prosecutors office has today called for the cancellation of Ghosns bail. Ghosns 1.5 billion yen deposit will be confiscated. But what is more important to the wealthy Mr Ghosn than freedom?

As there is no extradition treaty between Lebanon and Japan, it is impossible for Ghosn to be extradited back to Japan for trial, and more good plays will be staged gradually as Ghosn regains his freedom.

In a statement on Tuesday, Ghosn accused Japans judicial system of ignoring basic human rights on the premise of guilt.

About Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn, French, was born in Brazil on March 9, 1954. His father was a Lebanese businessman and his mother was French. At the age of six, Ghosn moved to Lebanon with his mother and sister and attended a French Jesuits school. In 1972, Ghosn entered Frances national higher comprehensive institute of technology to study engineering, and then he was admitted to the Graduate School of higher mineral Institute of Paris, France, to continue his studies, and graduated with excellent results; in 1978, Ghosn joined Michelin group company, and became CEO of Michelin Brazil branch in 1985, and then CEO of Michelin North America branch in 1989. In 1996, Ghosn became the vice president of Renault Motor Company; in June 1999, Ghosn became the CEO of Nissan Motor Company, and the next year he also served as the president of Nissan Co., Ltd. in June 2001, he was promoted to CEO, saving Nissan from the brink of death; in May 2005, Ghosn became the ninth CEO of Renault motor company, and since then, Ghosn has become the two major international companies across eight time zones and nearly 10000 kilometers apart Double CEO of the auto giant.

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