How to deal with injury impact CBA? Lin Shuhao, taking turns in Beijing, to see how NBA Popovich and Leonard do it

 How to deal with injury impact CBA? Lin Shuhao, taking turns in Beijing, to see how NBA Popovich and Leonard do it

Any club is most reluctant to face the problem that the main players are injured and absent for a long time. At present, it is not only a team that has been plagued by injuries?

Nearly half of the regular season of CBA, the main force of injury wave fell down one after another

Injuries may temporarily frustrate our bodies, but they cant defeat our morale. Those who cant defeat us will eventually make us stronger! On the second day of Zhou Qis injury against Qingdao team, Xinjiang mens basketball team released the clubs announcement, announced the progress of Zhou Qis injury, and carried out self encouragement.

In two consecutive rounds, two local core players of Xinjiang mens basketball team fell one after another due to injuries.

In the 21st round of the regular season in Beijing, Abdu shalamu only played for 1 minute, then he left the field because of injury. After the game, he was diagnosed as the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee joint.

In the 22nd round of the regular season in Qingdao, Zhou Qi was only on the court for one minute and also left because of injury. After examination, it is believed that his old waist injury alternates with his new one. In the last two rounds of the league, the attack of injuries made the Xinjiang team unfortunately make the headlines.

Xinjiang team is the victim of recent injuries, but not the only club with bad luck. Before that, Jones, the core foreign aid of Jilin team and Franklin, the core foreign aid of Shanxi team, were unable to play because of injuries one after another, so their team had to start the procedure of changing foreign aid. Jilin suffered four consecutive defeats and Shanxi also lost the first world war against Liaoning.

Han Dejun was injured and left in the match against Shandong, which made Liaoning fans worried for a time. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm afterwards. To be on the safe side, in the last round of fighting with Shanxi, Han Dejun, along with Guo Allen, who had lung disease, was arranged to have a truce. Sun Minghui of Guangxia and Wang Ruheng of Shandong also missed the last four rounds and two rounds because of injuries.

This seasons CBA official website has added the injury stop announcement of CBA Players and updated it in real time. The important players who have been injured or absent for more than 10 days in December also include: Changlin in Beijing, Ligan in Shanghai, nobility and Wang Zheng in Beikong, jiaohailong in Qingdao; the players who have been injured before or at the beginning of the season and have not recovered so far include Zhou Peng and Su Wei in Guangdong, Zhang Zhaoxu in Shanghai, Cong Mingchen in Liaoning, Guo Kai in Guangzhou, Li Rongpei in Tianjin, etc.

Injuries of such a large area of well-known players are rare in CBA League over the years. The injuries of Abdu shalamu and Zhou Qi, two heavyweight players, are more likely to directly affect the leagues championship pattern. This years CBA injury wave is so fierce, what causes it?

Why does the injury focus on outbreak? Tight schedule + insufficient rotation of players

This seasons CBA regular season has 46 rounds in total. At present, most teams have participated in 22 rounds of matches, and a few teams have also participated in 21 rounds of matches, which is close to the half of the regular season in terms of the competition process. Like a marathon running in the middle of the most tired, this time CBA teams have entered a period of fatigue, physical fatigue of players is most likely to cause injuries.

This years regular season starts from the beginning of November and lasts until the middle of March next year. With the All-Star weekend and Spring Festival off-season on the way, the tight schedule is inevitable. One Wednesdays game has become a common occurrence for all teams. In addition, each team has no special plane, so they often go to the airport the next day after the game, always on the way has become the daily ecology of many CBA clubs.

Now the schedule is very tight, there is not enough time to rest. I hope he can hurry up treatment and come back as soon as possible. When it comes to the injuries of Chen linjian, the main player under his command, Kaiser, the manager of Fujian team, said helplessly.

The time for teams to fly, take a plane, and commute in the city is long, and CBA schedule is not friendly, especially in the design of specific routes. Take Jiangsu team as an example. They played Guangzhou at home in Suzhou on December 19. On December 21, they went north to Beijing to fight against Beikong. On the next 25, they went south to Shenzhen. The phenomenon of repeated routes and back and forth during the journey is common in CBA teams.

In the early years, when CBA arranged the schedule, it would consider the principle of nearby away field. For example, Xinjiang + Shanxi, Liaoning + Jilin, Zhejiang + Guangxia, Guangdong + Dongguan + Foshan, which are close to each other, will be tied and held continuously, so as to make the visiting team less cross routes and avoid unnecessary rush. Now, after CBAs schedule is extended and teams are grouped, the reasonable arrangement of the schedule increases the difficulty, and the travel consumption of players is greatly increased.

Xinjiang team, which is located in the border of China and has a long way to go to any other teams main stadium, has undoubtedly become the biggest victim. Since the start of the match, Xinjiang team has gone through the journey of 10 hosts and 11 guests. In less than two months, they have made 11 trips between the host and the guest field. Their long commute distance makes their main force fall one by one on the field. If the route design is more reasonable, some misfortunes may be avoided.

It is difficult to find a substitute for the core players of the team, which leads to the short rotation time and long playing time, which is also a major factor causing injuries. Zhou Qi will play 33 minutes on average this season, and Albuquerque will play 34 minutes on average. During this period, due to the injuries of Stokes and feld, the two local core players have to play more than 40 minutes, which increases the risk of injury.

Jones, Franklin, the two core foreign aid injuries, but also with them to undertake the teams important task. Jones played 40 minutes per game in Jilin team, ranking third in the league; Franklin played 38 minutes per game in Shanxi team, ranking 10th in the league. And both of them belong to the all-in-one style of playing. The body consumption is more used for ordinary people, so the injury probability is multiplied.

In addition, most CBA teams dare not use young players rashly in the face of pressure to pursue performance. Liaonings most representative team, which has relatively sufficient reserves, has several new players who have performed well in the pre-season. It is difficult to enter the rotation team after the start of the regular season. Guo Xu and Wang Huadong, who have the longest playing time, only get 6.3 minutes on average. Because of this, the main players can not get the share of playing time, and after entering the fatigue period, they will be injured frequently.

How to deal with the injury tide of stars? ONeill and Leonard can be used for reference

CBA is too close to be tucking away, so how to prevent the players from getting hurt in the 82 regular seasons high strength and high density NBA for many years?

In the NBA this season, the frequent rotation of clippers star Leonard has caused great controversy. As of December 30, the clippers have played 34 games in the season, with Leonard playing only 25 of them, taking up as many as 9 off turns, accounting for 26.5% of the teams total games.

Leonard suffered a lot of criticism for the rest of the game, including the Clippers live show against bucks. NBA superstar McGrady said: if Kobe Bryant will play at home tomorrow, he will not miss the game! Former Celtic player Perkins, who also believes such a truce is an injury to fans, asked qualitatively, when he doesnt play, can he give the holders of season tickets a refund?

Despite the controversy, the Clippers management and Leonard himself insisted on taking the proper rotation according to their own plan to protect Leonards injured knee. This method was originally known as load management, but when the NBA did not recognize the reason for the rest of the game, it was renamed knee maintenance. In order to ensure that Leonard can play in the playoffs, the Clippers are willing to sacrifice some regular season games to protect Leonard.

The practice of maintaining the absolute core in the regular season for the sake of the playoffs like this happened to ONeill nearly 20 years ago. Shaq ONeal is very heavy, and his knees and ankles are more easily injured. In view of this, he was saved during the Lakers dynasty, with ONeal playing only 67 regular season games for three consecutive seasons and arming up to 15 times a year.

In the regular season, ONeal, who is keeping up his strength, finally brought the Lakers three consecutive titles. He played only 59 regular season games in 2005-06, and won the championship for the heat with Wade. This method was followed by spurs coach Popovich. The main GDP portfolio (i.e. Duncan, Parker, Ginobili) of the team took turns in the regular season, and even was fined by the League due to collective absence. Popovich and his spurs suffered a certain reputation, in exchange for the Spurs 6 to the finals 5 times to win.

Lin Shuhao, the Beijing team, may be a good start

The above practice of the NBA teams main players in rotation is worth learning from CBA club. On December 29, the Beijing Mens basketball team officially announced that Lin Shuhao would take a turn off from work to replace Hamilton as an inside and outside aid and partner with Youdu as an inside double high player.

Before that, Lin Shuhao was in normal physical condition in the game, without any injuries, and there was no news of injuries after the game. Obviously, this is an active rotation adjustment of Beijing team. This is not common in CBA domestic players, especially in foreign aid, especially in Lin Shuhao, a new favorite of CBA box office.

No matter what the consideration of Beijing Mens basketball team, its a good way to let Lin Shuhao take a proper rest. In this years regular season, each team has four opportunities to replace foreign aid. Beijing team has just used the second opportunity, and can replace Lin Shuhao at a proper time.

Comparatively speaking, Beijings internal line is relatively weak. Recently, Changlin, Qiutian and other people have been injured and stopped. The rear guard line is fully staffed, and Liu Xiaoyu, Fang Shuo, Zhou Yixiang and other people can take on important tasks. From the perspective of the timely deployment of team structure, this is a wise choice.

The fall of two major domestic players of Xinjiang team has alarmed all CBA teams. Giving more opportunities to new players and increasing rotation of players will not necessarily affect the teams performance, especially for the strong team with relatively strong talent reserve, there is more room for adjustment.

After Abram was injured, Xinjiang narrowly beat Beijing on the road, and Yu Changdong scored 14 points and 6 rebounds; after Zhou Qis injury to Qingdao team, Xinjiang team still won in this hard battle, Yu Changdong with 13 points and 7 rebounds, fan Ziming with 23 points and 7 rebounds and 2 blocks all made important contributions to the victory. Therefore, if you want to win, you dont have to use the main players. As long as the tactics are properly deployed, the players who are fully prepared can also win.

Coincidentally, Guangdong, the league leader, did not lose because of Brooks injury. Against Shanghai and Jiangsu, they all played with single foreign aid. Results domestic defenders Zhao Rui and Hu Mingxuan broke out one after another, and they also scored 9 and 7 points respectively against Xu Jie and Wang Xingkai. Its possible to get such a surprise by activating new people at the right time.

For two consecutive seasons, 46 regular season games have made many CBA teams exhausted and main players injured. Next years regular season will be further increased to 56 rounds, and the implementation of four quarters and four person times of foreign aid will put a more severe test on the bench depth of CBA teams, especially the reserves of domestic players.

The team with a little foresight started to train new players consciously this season. Guangdong team once ranked Wan Shengweis appearance sequence before Zeng fanri; after Shandong team used eight players to rotate for a period of time, Chen Peidongs last three ball games increased to 23, 27 and 35 minutes respectively. Increase rotation players, make the teams tactics have more choices, but also can promote the competition between players, it can be said that at one stroke more.

For the current injury disaster area team in Xinjiang, abudosalamu, who has ligament rupture, has basically determined that he will be reimbursed after the season; and Zhou Qis waist injury will also be suspended for a good period of time. As both players are the main players, they suffered serious injuries, which affected not only Xinjiang team, but also the National Mens basketball team. This is the result that no one wants to see. Let the injury get rough! Its not just a prayer slogan, but also the preparation of every CBA team. Source: Netease sports Author: a yong editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei ufe50 ns1098

For the current injury disaster area team in Xinjiang, abudosalamu, who has ligament rupture, has basically determined that he will be reimbursed after the season; and Zhou Qis waist injury will also be suspended for a good period of time. As both players are the main players, they suffered serious injuries, which affected not only Xinjiang team, but also the National Mens basketball team. This is the result that no one wants to see.

Let the injury get rough! Its not just a prayer slogan, but also the preparation of every CBA team.