Li Tie arrived in Beijing on April 4 to meet with leaders of the Football Association

 Li Tie arrived in Beijing on April 4 to meet with leaders of the Football Association

During the interview organized by the Chinese Football Association, three candidates, Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng and Wang Baoshan, made statements successively and accepted the comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the expert group. After the interview, the expert group led by Zhu Guanghu made a special evaluation and discussion, and agreed that Li tie was a more suitable candidate, and finally reported the summary opinions to the Chinese Football Association. After hearing the opinions of the expert group, the Chinese Football Association held a meeting to discuss and report the results to a higher department. After getting the approval, Li Tie has no suspense to become the new coach of Chinas national team.

2u3001 The winter training of national football is carried out in Guangzhou in two batches

Although there are various versions of opinions on the situation of the new national team members in the future, from the current situation, the list of players participating in the future iron phase I training is all drawn up by Li Tie and his assistants after consultation. The training of the national team will be carried out in two groups, which is mainly due to the fact that the national selection team participated in the East Asia Cup in mid December last year. In the future, iron phase I players include players who participated in the East Asia Cup, as well as international players who were recruited during the former Lippis coaching. From January 5, the first batch of players who have not participated in the East Asia Cup will take the lead in the training in Guangzhou; after a week or so, those who have participated in the East Asia Cup, that is, the second batch of players will arrive in Guangzhou and join the first batch of players who have started the training in advance to start the winter training of the whole team.

In addition to the good weather and the guarantee of the venue, another important reason for choosing Guangzhou for winter training is that the national team will go to Guam at the end of March this year to participate in the only one of the top 40 away games and need to handle visa matters. Because the entry to Guam must have a U.S. visa, and the U.S. visa processing procedures are more complex and must be interviewed, considering that it will be difficult to find time to arrange the interview after the start of the league, Asian Championship and so on, so we choose to apply for a visa in advance during the training in Guangzhou, so as to ensure that the national team will not have an accident when participating in the game between the away and Guam team. All the players participating in the Guangzhou training will apply for visas. At that time, the players participating in the training in March will also be selected from the iron phase I players.

It is understood that the main purpose of this winter training is to develop physical reserve, so during the whole training period, physical breakthrough will be the top priority. On the other hand, as the start of this years Asian Championship matches is earlier, and the arrangement of the Chinese Super League matches is earlier. Before going to the top 40 World Cup qualifiers in late March, the national team will have no time to carry out the training again. Therefore, Li Tie will also make full use of this training opportunity to comprehensively introduce his coaching ideas and ideas to the players, and further get familiar with and understand the international Strengthen communication with each other. The whole training will be finished before the Spring Festival. By the next training session, the national team will be before the top 40 games.

As for the future coach team of the national team, in addition to Li Tie himself, some of his assistants will follow him to upgrade the national team. At the same time, in order to further enrich the coaching team of the national team, Chris, the current technical director of CFA and Belgian, will serve as the technical consultant of the national team. At the same time, CFA will help Li Tie hire foreign assistants, including special coaches for physical fitness, technology and tactics. In other words, the whole coaching team will be a team of Chinese and foreign partners. As for the logistics management team of the national team, all of them will be composed of the staff of the Chinese Football Association. As in the past, the situation of the management personnel dispatched by the domestic clubs participating in the management will not reappear.

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