I hope sun yingsha will try more doubles

 I hope sun yingsha will try more doubles

Xu Xin / sun yingsha won the mixed doubles championship. Picture / video screenshot

Different from the previous straight race, straight Busan has added mixed doubles to train for the Tokyo Olympic Games. There are 6 pairs of combinations participating in the mixed doubles competition of this straight through competition. The 3 pairs of combinations winning in the first round will carry out the bloody battle to the end competition system until the champion is generated.

If three pairs of players win or lose each other, another round will be added, and only one set of 11 points will be played in the second round. If there is no more winning or losing, add another round to play only one game, starting from 5-5. If there is no more winning, add another round from 8-8, 10-10 until the winning combination is determined.

Because Liu Shiwen accidentally sprained her foot during the winter training in Haikou and quit the straight race, the mixed doubles team had to be disrupted again. Xu Xin changed to partner with sun yingsha, and Yu Ziyang, who had previously worked with sun yingsha, and Zhu Yuling.

In the first round, Xu Xin / sun yingsha defeated Liang Jingkun / Chen Meng 4-2, fan Zhendong / Gu Yuting 4-0, Yu Ziyang / Zhu Yuling 4-0, Ma Long / Ding Ning 4-0, Lin Gaoyuan / Wang Manyu.

Fan Zhendong / Gu Yuting beat Malone / dingning 3-1 in the bloody battle to the end tonight, but then lost 1-3 to Xu Xin / sun yingsha. In the crucial third round, Xu Xin / sun yingsha reversed Malone / dingning 11-9 when they were 3-8 behind in the first set. After the reversal of the first set, Xu Xin / sun yingsha firmly grasped the pace of the game, beat Malone / dingning 3-0, and won the mixed doubles championship with three consecutive victories in the whole day.

In the national table tennis team, Xu Xin is the absolute all gold. No matter with Liu Shiwen or sun yingsha, the winning rate is very high. Sun yingsha said that she can learn a lot every time she matches Xu Xin in mixed doubles, which is also very helpful for her singles.

Facing sun yingsha, who is 10 years younger than her own, Xu Xin also gives his advice, many times I will tell her that when there is pressure, you have to do something, you cant get away with it, you cant wait for me to solve it alone. Xu Xin said that sun yingsha is also the main force of female table tennis at present. She should strengthen her understanding of mixed doubles and doubles. I hope she can try mixed doubles more when she is in a stable position in singles. After all, mixed doubles have male players, which will help her a lot.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Cao Liqiao and ns1806