64 billion 266 million! Chinas box office hit a new high in 2019

 64 billion 266 million! Chinas box office hit a new high in 2019

Popular domestic films appear frequently

In the top ten box office films in 2019, domestic films occupy eight seats. According to the statistics of cats eye professional edition, there are 10 domestic films in the 1 billion box office club. Among them, the devil child of Nezha broke through 5 billion yuan after the supplementary recording at the box office on December 28, 2019, ranking second in the box office of Chinese film history.

Behind the outstanding achievements of domestic films is the long-term investment of Chinese filmmakers. At the beginning of the year, tramp earth was filmed by more than 7000 staff members over four years. Leading actor Wu Jing once said that under the condition that the domestic science fiction film technology industry is not mature enough, peoples bodies must be used to make up for the lack of industry.

In addition, policy support also provides a good soil for the development of the film market. At the end of 2018, the state film administration and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on accelerating the construction of cinemas and promoting the prosperity and development of the film market and the provisions on further supporting the development of cultural enterprises, which will play a certain role in promoting film screening and social investment within three years.

In December 2019, the law on promotion of cultural industry (Draft for examination) was published, which mentioned that the State encourages cultural enterprises to use multi-level capital market for direct financing, or will usher in a new investment boom in the film and television industry.

From the sci-fi film wandering the earth, to the animated film the devil of Nezha comes down, to the theme film my country and I, they are all phenomenal films supporting an entire schedule, and they also add new film types to the ranks of blockbuster films.

Shao Qi, an associate professor in the Department of film and television at Shanghai Jiaotong University, believes that these three blockbusters in 2019 prove the decisive role of film quality in box office feedback. Shao Qi told reporters that the birth of Nezhas devil child is in line with the spirit of contemporary peoples struggle against fate, and my motherland and I resonate and empathize with the audience with the memory of the whole people, which is the reason for their success. Chinas film market is very large and inclusive. It can accommodate films of any style, style and type, as long as the quality is excellent.

Gains and losses of film and television companies

Thanks to the blockbuster films, light media and Beijing culture became the most proud film companies in 2019, with revenue increased by 128.5% and 1194.76% respectively in the third quarter of 2019. The success of Galaxy tutorial, Nezhas magic child and my motherland together contributed nearly 300 million yuan to the revenue of light media. The success of wandering earth made Beijing cultures net profit in the third quarter of 2019 increase 84 times year-on-year, achieving a big reversal of business performance.

In addition, as the main producer of the National Day box office second place films in 2019, Bona film industry has accumulated certain experience in the type of theme commercial films. In 2019, among the films produced by the main producers, 4 films have taken over 100 million box office, all of which are mainly melodic films.

There are complacency and frustration. Huayi Brothers continued to lose 273 million in the third quarter, following a loss of 379 million in the half year of 2019. Eight hundred, originally scheduled to be released in July 2019, has not been scheduled to be released yet. According to public information, the production cost of the film is more than 500 million yuan. The box office performance of the main productions of grey monkey and little wish in 2019 is not good. The only Yun knows released in December 2019 is still weak under the theme of renewing the leading edge created by Fanghua and the marketing promotion of Feng Xiaogangs ticket selling in the online Red live room. It has not reached 200 million box office in 13 days.

Wanda films net profit in the third quarter of 2019 decreased by 57.25% year-on-year due to lower than expected box office. In the Christmas of 2019 just now, ICI issued a notice to terminate the transfer of Wanda film shares. Wanda investment needs to return the deposit and transfer money of the share transfer agreement with 300 million yuan in cash.

Source: First Financial Editor: Wang Wenhua, nf5982