Southampton fans humiliate Mourinho: you are the shit version of pochetino!

 Southampton fans humiliate Mourinho: you are the shit version of pochetino!

Why peep? Mourinho: Im rude, but Im rude to a stupid x

In the Premier League this round, the first Chelsea to play was drawn by Brighton. Tottenham have a good chance to chase points, but Tottenham lost 1-0 to Southampton. The loss was a surprise because Tottenham ace Kane is good at Southampton. He has scored against Southampton for six consecutive league games. Mourinho has led the team to Southampton for six times before, winning 3 times and drawing 3 times and keeping unbeaten. Before the game, Tottenham are widely regarded.

The game scene is that Tottenham are limited by Southampton. Although Tottenham have a dominant possession rate of 58.9%, there is no good way to attack, and the number of shots is still behind Southampton. Its worth mentioning that Mourinhos past magical replacement didnt appear in this game. In the second half, when Tottenham were behind, they didnt have the first shot or set shot until the 68th minute, while in the second half, the first shot in the game didnt appear until the 87th minute. The quality of the attack, Tottenham lost no injustice.

In the second half, Tottenhams attacking performance was poor. Southamptons fans were more and more confident in winning the game. Maybe it was because they beat Mourinho at home for the first time. The excited Southampton fans started the mocking mode. They sang in the stands: you are the shit version of pochetino. The Southampton reporter at the scene also made a mend for this, and when reporting this, he specifically said that there might be Spurs fans mixed into the Southampton fan area to sing together.

In the second half, Mourinho had no way to deal with the teams dilemma on the court. He suddenly came up with a magic move. In the 76th minute, he suddenly ran to the substitute of Southampton and looked down to see the assistant of Southampton writing on the tactical board. The fourth referee immediately found out Mourinhos behavior and reminded the main referee, so Mourinho got a yellow card. Mourinho said after the game: I think the yellow card is fair. Im rude, but Im rude to a fool. I deserve a yellow card for my rude behavior.

This is not the first time Mourinho used such means. In the Champions League match between inter and Barcelona, Guardiola called Ibrahimovic to arrange tactics on the sidelines. Mourinho ran to overhear and then said something. Guardiola turned around quickly. Ibrahimovic looked at Mourinho angrily. Mourinhos best friend revealed that what he said: it turns out that you have become a European champion in this way.

Although he lost the game + was ridiculed by his opponents fans + received a yellow card, Mourinho, who had experienced a lot of storms, was generally calm. After the game, he shook hands politely with Southampton coach Hassen huttel. However, when the two coaches shook hands, there were some conflicts between the players and staff on the bench of the two teams. Fortunately, the restraint of both sides soon subsided.

If Mourinho wants to avoid the embarrassment in the future, he must improve Tottenhams performance, and improve Tottenhams performance, Mourinho must improve defense: Tottenham lost 18 goals in 11 games under Mourinhos guidance. However, Mourinho just said that he would not buy defenders in January, but Tottenhams defense is so bad, do not buy defenders?

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