The driver asked the passenger special service or not and the police arrested the prostitute

 The driver asked the passenger special service or not and the police arrested the prostitute

Call me? Pretty boy? Take! How much is it to RT Mart?

Ten mosquito chicken! Get on the train


Pretty boy, do you want special service?


In order to earn extra fast, Yimos drivers use their profession to introduce prostitution and make profits from it. On December 24, the public security brigade of Haicheng branch of Beihai Public Security Bureau successfully killed the prostitution Gang using motorcycles as cover through strict investigation and deployment, and arrested 3 gang members and 4 prostitutes.

Wei, 56, is a motorcycle driver who has carried passengers for many years. One day in November this year, Wei was waiting for a guest on the side of the road. A woman who called herself sister Xu came up to talk with him. Sister Xu tells Wei that she has pornographic service resources in her hand. As long as Wei takes guests to the designated place to trade, after the trade is successful, there will be a 30 yuan draw. See profitable, Wei added sister Xu wechat, in addition to carrying passengers part-time to start the business of introducing prostitution. As long as the guest has intention, Wei will contact sister Xu through wechat, sister Xu will provide the hotel name and room number, and Wei will take the guest to the hotel. If the transaction is successful, sister Xu will transfer the money to Wei through wechat.

Wei identified the motorcycle.

Wei introduced guests to sister Xu designated hotel transactions, and got the corresponding draw. Just when he was complacent about his good fortune, he didnt expect things to come out a month later.

Where is the special service? At about 23:00 on December 24, Wei was waiting for a guest near the third middle road. A passer-by came up to ask Wei. After Wei contacted sister Xu, she took the guest to the designated hotel by light train. That night, the police of the public security brigade arranged according to the clues in the early stage, and carried out a unified network collection operation in two hotels in the urban area. Wei Mou, a suspected prostitute, was arrested, and 2 suspected prostitutes and 4 prostitutes were controlled on the spot.

Three members of prostitution Gang, including Wei, the suspect who is suspected of introducing prostitution.

I didnt expect to be caught so soon. According to Weis account, he knew that it was illegal to introduce prostitution, but this kind of part-time money was hidden quickly, so he made extra fast with a fluke mentality. At present, three members of the prostitution Gang, including Wei, the suspect suspected of introducing prostitution, have been detained in criminal detention, and other persons involved in the case have been punished according to law, and the case is being further handled.

Police remind

According to the first paragraph of article 359 of the criminal law, whoever lures, harbours or introduces others to prostitution shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also be fined; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and shall also be fined.

Article 361 any member of a hotel, catering service, cultural entertainment or taxi industry who, by taking advantage of the conditions of his own unit, organizes, coerces, lures, accommodates or introduces another person to engage in prostitution shall be convicted and punished in accordance with the provisions of articles 358 and 359 of this law. Whoever commits the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be given a heavier punishment.

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