When the woman offered to resign and was refused, she broke down: my child miscarried in such a job

 When the woman offered to resign and was refused, she broke down: my child miscarried in such a job

She felt that the factory should take some responsibility for it.

Ms. long, 26, works as a textile worker in a textile factory in Guali, Hangzhou.

In November, during a physical examination, she found that she had been pregnant for a month. Ms. long said that because she felt that the work of the textile factory was not suitable, she submitted her resignation to the owner of the textile factory. Unexpectedly, she was rejected. She said that she was just pregnant. In this case, she could work for another two or three months without any problem until a new person was recruited.

Ms. long said that when she heard this from her boss, she could only stay in the factory and continue to work.

One month later, one day in the middle of December, Ms. long came home from work and suddenly felt a little sick in her stomach. The next day, she went to the hospital for examination and found that the fetus had lost her heartbeat and the child could not be protected.

The next day, Ms. long had an abortion. Ms. long said that since the discovery of pregnancy, fetal examination has been very normal, why the sudden abortion, doctors did not give a clear explanation. But she felt it might have something to do with her job.

Ms. long said that her type of work needs to stand every day, and often needs to bend down and squat down to change the thread. She believed that the textile factory should pay part of the responsibility for her abortion.

What is the attitude of textile mills towards this?

We found the Hangzhou dixia Textile Co., Ltd. and the person in charge, Ms. Wang, said that even if she had not agreed to resign at the beginning, according to the regulations, she could leave her job automatically after a month. Therefore, if Ms. long forcibly resigns and doesnt come to work, the company cant forcibly retain her.

Textile mills believe that they did not approve Ms. Longs resignation application on the spot, in fact, it is to retain employees, not to allow her to resign, and after the abortion, it has nothing to do with them.

The person in charge said that girls usually work until 9 months and take maternity leave at full term. Ms. long didnt put forward any discomfort and wanted to ask for leave and rest, so there was no reason to say that it was the reason of the factory.

In this regard, both sides have their own opinions.

The reporter learned that, according to the relevant laws and regulations, female workers during pregnancy, there are taboos in the scope of work, including the work with strong vibration, or the work requiring frequent bending, climbing and squatting.

At present, Ms. long has reported this matter to the local labor and Social Security Department of Guali. The labor and social security department said that it will make further investigation to determine whether the manufacturer has any violations.

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