Ghosns wife denies that the cello escapes. Ghosn has met with the Lebanese president closely

 Ghosns wife denies that the cello escapes. Ghosn has met with the Lebanese president closely

Two sources close to Carlos Ghosn said Wednesday (1 January) that the former chairman of Nissan motor, who had recently fled Japan with the help of a private security company, met the countrys president immediately after arriving in Lebanon.

One source said Ghosn was warmly welcomed Monday by Lebanese President Michel Aoun. After leaving Japan, Ghosn flew through Istanbul to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. These people said that at present, Ghosn is in a high mood, full of fighting spirit, and has a sense of security.

Sources said that during his meeting with the president, Ghosn thanked the president for his support during his detention and for the care of his wife, Carol. After fleeing Japan, Ghosn now hopes to seek protection and security from his own government (which has French, Lebanese and Brazilian nationalities).

A press officer in the Lebanese presidential office denied that Ghosn had met with the president.

Lebanese officials have made it public that they do not need to take legal measures against Ghosn, who has French passports and enters their territory through legal means - although Ghosns French, Lebanese and Brazilian passports are currently left with Japanese lawyers.

The French and Lebanese foreign ministries said they did not know the background of the visit.

There is no extradition agreement between Lebanon and Japan. In Japan, Mr Ghosn faces four serious charges, which he himself denies.

During his bail, he was confined to his home in Tokyo, where he had to install cameras at the entrance. He was not allowed to contact his wife Carol. At the same time, access to the Internet or other means of communication has also been cut off by the Japanese police.

Sources said the Lebanese ambassador to Japan visited Ghosn every day during his detention.

Lebanese media have previously used a Houdini style escape story to tell the story of Ghosn, who was allegedly hidden in a wooden music box and rescued from his home in Japan by a rescue team disguised as a band. But Ghosns wife calls this version of the story pure fiction..

She declined to give details of how Ghosn escaped from the birth. But the two sources suggested it was a carefully planned escape.

They claim that a private security company is responsible for the development and supervision of the whole plan, with three months of preparatory work, including how to take Ghosn out of Japan with a private plane and arrive in Beirut via Istanbul. In the process, the pilot didnt even realize that Ghosn was on the plane.

From the beginning to the end, this is a very professional rescue operation. One of the sources said. Another source said Ghosn was in good health.

In a written statement, Ghosn said he fled to Lebanon to get rid of injustice and political persecution and will communicate with the media next week. Sources close to Ghosn said he was reluctant to talk about the details of the escape, in order not to endanger those who had helped him.

According to another source, Ghosn currently lives with a relative of his wifes family, but plans to return to his villa in his upscale Beirut community as soon as possible.

Since being arrested in 2018, Lebanese have expressed a high degree of support for Ghosn. There was even a local billboard that said, we are Carlos Ghosn, and people united for his case. In Lebanon, Ghosn is seen by young people as an example of success. Serious unemployment is forcing local youth to go abroad in search of work.

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