[quyi cross year voice] 2020 must be a good year

 [quyi cross year voice] 2020 must be a good year

Carbon based organisms are celebrating

Their planet

In this solar system

Completed a revolution

The whole solar system

Its also around the galaxy

Missed locations

Never come back

And the Milky way is flying

Even space itself is expanding

The way they went

I cant go back


Hello, everyone. Long time no see

2019 train has arrived

You take your memories with you

Are you ready to get off and change to train 2020?

Opening remarks

From the creation of Xingyuan mountain wind team, a star fan company five years ago

Now read it

Still very touching

Thats what happened in the 21st decade

Its the year of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way in textbooks

Its also in the era of after 20, like after 90, after 60

as the New Year begins, let us also start a new life

Year after year

New years Eve becomes a routine ceremony

Theres not even time for one more exclamation

And then I put myself into my life as if nothing had happened

As if nothing had happened

Its on that green light

That year is before us

It once slipped away from us

But it doesnt matter

Tomorrow we will run faster

Extend your arms further

We push forward

The boat went up against the current

Constantly pushed back by the tide

Two days ago, I suddenly found a large bruise on my knee

But I dont know when it collided

I didnt feel at all

Now it hurts to press it

A lot of things will pass

To feel the pain

Thats what adults have to do

We work hard enough

Pay taxes on time

Love filial piety


But still unable to get rid of the powerless and wordless sadness

Its like falling into the deep sea

Struggle anyway

Its still dark all around


Weve learned a lot of magic that lengthens timeu2014u2014

On the way to work, there was an unconscious brush.

Sitting quietly in the car after going home from work

Apply the mask at night and separate from the outside world.

When a person lives well in 2019

TA has more beautiful vision and confidence for 2020

When a person has a bad year

TA will stay drunk for a long time in the negative mood

Its only when a persons life is not good or bad

Will use a lot of time to recall the past

2019, even if we dont want her

But its still a step-by-step success

On the timeline

We are the winners

Instead of being mediocre, one year old

Not in hospital

Not in jail

Not threatened by a lunatic with a knife


This year, in fact, can be said

But its easy for us to ignore these feelings

The face of an adult

Its all money

Its impossible without money

But if everything is possible in the future

We become:

Cant stand the wind and rain

Cant stand plain

Cant stand loneliness

Cant stand the temptation

Completely lost its vitality

Become a complainer

There is a saying in the lonely gourmet that I like very much

Five Lang said

In a strange city

Forget everything else

Just walking on the strange street

Enjoy the delicious food alone

Thats one of the greatest pleasures in the world

But rather

All the way

Loved ones

Books read

Knocked words

Every little bit

Its all part of our temperament

Your efforts are most worthy of your respect

Instead of looking at the cross year moment

How big is our flag

Throw away the past

hrow off sb.u2019s disguise

Hope all regrets this year

2019 you are all here. Thank you

2020 you are still here, blessing

a new year

Please take healthy, happy, hard-working and friendly luggage from 2019 train

Put down such dangerous goods as anger, anguish, sorrow, etc

Transfer to 2020 train

Go to the station called happiness

All the luck

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