Domestic dramas bullying president ushered in a middle-aged crisis

 Domestic dramas bullying president ushered in a middle-aged crisis

Behind Yang Shuo is the decline of a brilliant careeru2014u2014

Hegemonic president, from the beloved of the times to the sunset industry, even the transformation of employees is so difficult.

Hegemonic president, a sunset industry

How bad is the bully president now?

Some time ago, actor Yang Shuo was named the years top four greasy by a public number.

But worse than getting bad reviews, Yang Shuos efforts did not bring extra attention and traffic to the drama itself. Few people know that Yang Shuos TV play is called return the world to you.

The ultimate duel once popular on Weibo is far more famous than TV drama itself / return the world to you

Bully president because of the force and out of the circle, has been calculated. Theres also the presidents play, which doesnt give you the chance to know it at all.

For example, you cant imagine that the play will be silent just by watching the leading actors:

Chen Xiao and Zhou Dongyu, excellent actors with good business ability, cant save Batong Opera / Douban

Poor Zhou Dongyu and boss Chen Xiao cant do anything, poor Ouyang Nana and boss Chen Xuedong cant do anything more:

Fawn cheers up, but the score and number of people in the play still fail / Douban

Bullying the president has become a sunset industry, of course, online drama is even worse:

Score recorded 700 brave heart / bean petals

The bully president still has the same style, but why dont you scream for them?

In fact, as early as in meteor garden, the forerunner of the hegemonic industry, the heroine shancai (played by big s) expressed her infinite dissatisfaction with being controlled by the hegemonic actor daomingsi (played by Yan Chengxu).

Its not necessarily a happy thing to be liked by a bully President / meteor garden

The love story of shancai and daomingsi is not simply that Cinderella accepts the princes love, but contains the process of mutual influence, growth and change of the protagonists and heroines.

However, not every blockbuster can achieve the level of meteor garden. Under the abuse of domineering presidents plot, the current domineering president has become a high-risk occupation that is easy to overturn.

Even the once hegemonic male masters should be criticized as serious moral topics.

A generation of sadistic classic snow at dusk has been turned over. Under the post snow at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk at dusk

In November, the violence in snow in the mountains also triggered a heated discussion / Douban

Jiang Zhishu, the hero of kiss of mischief, was also questioned whether this was PUA because of his cold tongue to yuan Xiangqin, the stupid heroine

Jiang Zhishu, the God of men, has become a PUA man / microblog

Whether its the greasy aesthetic criticism or the deeper moral controversy, the essence is that the audiences orientation has changed. Mens indifference and arbitrariness is no longer a sign of reliability and strength, but only makes people think their brains are not good.

For example, Han Shangyan, played by Li Xian in this years hot dear, beloved, although he is called the boss of the game team, he is not a hegemonic bossy character. In the face of the drunken woman, he can only look loveless.

When the romantic drama meet Wang Lichuan hit the air, the plot that makes girls blush and heartbeat is no longer forced hugging, kissing and forced wall beating, but the hero Wang Lichuan (played by Gao Yixiang) asked her before kissing the heroine Xiao Qiu (played by Jiao Junyan): can I kiss you?

The sweet kiss between Lichuan and Xiaoqiu is one of the warmest moments in many peoples memory / meeting Wang Lichuan

It seems that the era of hegemonic president and hero unifying the Jianghu has passed, and people dont miss it very much.

Once, who didnt want to bully the president to fall in love with me

On the TV screens of the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the domineering president type hero has experienced a quite beautiful period of time.

Five of the top six TV shows in Taiwans average ratings over the years are all idol dramas: destined to love you, prince to frog, next stop, happiness, little girl rushes forward, Queen of dogs. In addition to the last one, there is no exception that the leading actors career is bullying president, even if not, it is also the presidents son [1].

In the ratings of mainland TV series in 2010, watch meteor shower together and fall in love with borage girl (Im destined to love you) won the top two [2].

Looking back at the ratings list in 2018, we can see that in the past, we still stick to the hegemonic industry. Only the rising star Jin Dong is left.

Jin Dong has become a steady legacy of hegemonism. The main secret is the delicate balance between hegemonism and hegemonism / elite lawyers

One of the most perceptive people in the hegemonic presidents industry has experienced many ups and downs in more than ten years. In this years program, he confessed that I havent filmed for nine months, reminiscent of the golden days when the hegemonic president never returned.

In 2005, the average audience rating of prince to frog is still in the top three [1].

The cool expression of Mingdao and the handsome face perfectly reflect the aesthetic preference of an era

When the hegemon stars shine, of course, its not just Mingdao. Now it seems that the enigmatic lines, which came out of Williams mouth in 2005, became the sweet love words that people were talking about at that time.

With a loved one, a man becomes a bully president. Lets talk about this line, William. The masses should stop imitating it / green forest

The traditional hegemonic president hero is not necessarily the President -- the essence lies in the heros hegemonic character, as well as the background difference between the male and female protagonists.

Jiang Zhishu is not really the President, but in the campus theme, achievements are easily linked with the superior economic conditions in the future. Cold school bully, perfect target bully president.

If these bullying speeches are still warm and funny memories of childhood, the next may be some confusing speeches that can not be saved by childhood filters.

For example, Jiang Meng (he Junxiang), the hero of devil by his side, has a father who is the director of the school. His teachers and classmates are obedient to him.

Jiang Meng uses an accident to threaten the heroine (played by Yang Cailin) to become his servant, and must fulfill any requirements of the master:

The man also exposed her private love letter, while the woman went to ask for a statement with shame and indignation, but her face was smeared by the declaration of love full of hegemonic value:

In fact, there was no reason why the bullying president was so popular.

In reality, women do like successful spouses, and the last trend is often door-to-door marriage [3].

In the hegemonic universe, the multi gold and reliable male image represented by the hegemonic president is right on peoples realistic preference. Watching the 2019 hit shows alone, people still like handsome and golden male characters.

If President is a fixed preference, then hegemony is more or less the aesthetic mark of the times.

From the aspect of plot, the setting of hegemonic hero is a simple and easy operation arrangement. The literary classic Pride and Prejudice has proved that the domineering hero, coupled with the self-esteem independent heroine, can naturally collide with a series of dramatic conflicts.

People just love to see the bully president fighting with the outspoken ordinary girl. They love to see the bully president falling in love with her and falling apart.

The tyrant president in the career crisis

Later, the aesthetic taste and love concept of female audiences changed. They were tired of the routine of women, you need to listen to me, and began to appreciate more diversified emotional relationships. The traditional hegemonic president became a sunset industry.

With the constant development and update of the theme beyond the love drama, the audience of the TV drama turned to more diversified male protagonists.

There is a classic stable and heavy-duty hero played by current boyfriend in dear, beloved:

Even the presidents way of advertising has changed from you belong to me to I belong to you / dear, I love you

The ruffian is handsome and reliable in the twelve hours of Changan

Zhang Xiaojing, who stood up to save Changan, may have the greatest flash of reliability, bravery and chivalry, but it is not bullying / 12 hours of Changan

There are also affectionate companionship types in the petition:

There are also some no way to say whats good about him magic tricks:

Just because hes old, because he doesnt bathe

In the traditional sense, the general culture of high dog blood and high stimulation has gradually receded. Only the micro-blog literature has pushed the king and princess to heaven and earth. There is no bloodless love and hatred between the young master and his wife, and inherited the essence of the overbearing president label.


Its good to hang on the gate. Hanging on the fan is a mind destroying way:


Bean sauce

Its not so easy to be a bully president in a career crisis. No brain to dazzle the rich, no eyes to others, headstrong, careless life, are the slot points of the public.

As an out-of-date design, the hegemonic president of classic style gradually dissipated in the mockery of dog blood plot and the parody of banter.

In 2019, Huang Xiaoming was mocked by the crowd because of a sentence on the variety show: I dont want you to think, I want me to think.

Huang Xiaoming looked at his name in the heat, wondering whether he would miss the afternoon when he filmed the summer of bubble ten years ago.

Love me, dont you think, want me to feel the summer of bubble.


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