From the beginning to driving crazy

 From the beginning to driving crazy

I want to talk to you about the Beijing dialect with magic power

One is northeast dialect, the other is Beijing dialect

How infectious is Beijing dialect?

Maybe youll finish reading this

When you talk, you have an inner taste

Planned by Bree. North Bridge and an

If you want to speak with energy, you have to mention Beijingers.

Beijing people not only have a relaxed mouth, but also contain humor, politeness, enthusiasm, embarrassment, flattery, humility and pride. After all, it was the royal city that grew up, saw everything, was not afraid of anything, and was tolerant of everything.

Beijing dialect is too broad and profound to summarize. If there is any mistake, please correct it online. If you have any interesting information about Beijingers and Beijing dialect, you are welcome to leave a message to add, so that we can have a more comprehensive and three-dimensional understanding of this group of lovely Beijing silver.

Finally, Id like to take a taxi when Im unhappy in Beijing. Maybe after the drivers masters talk therapy, he wants to drive everything~

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