The extraordinary power of China -- listening to President Xi Jinpings new years greetings in 2020

 The extraordinary power of China -- listening to President Xi Jinpings new years greetings in 2020

Years really knock on the door of 2020.

Once thought that far-off goals were achieved in front of us; the beautiful blueprint that our predecessors had drawn will be realized by our own hands.

The seventh time to listen to President Xi Jinpings new years message is very deep.

The extraordinary power of China -- listening to President Xi Jinpings new years greetings in 2020 (source: video synthesis)

We water the harvest with sweat, and move forward with hard work. This is not only the portrayal of the Chinese peoples struggle in 2019, but also the source of the Chinese nations endless growth.

At the beginning of the message, a piece of data came onu2014u2014

Remember 2 years ago, President Xi Jinping looked back in 2017 in the new years congratulations, proudly saying: Chinas gross domestic product is on the level of 80 trillion yuan.

From 80 trillion to 100 trillion, only two years! Guided by the new development concept, high-quality development has been steadily promoted, and Chinas economy has delivered a steady and progressive response.

It will be recalled that 12 years ago, the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to ensure the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way by 2020, with the per capita GDP quadrupling that of 2000.

But today, more than quadrupling! Chinas development is far beyond expectation! In a country with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, the per capita GDP has achieved a historic leap, which is another miracle in the history of human development.

Extraordinary Chinese style and power. The golden sentence of President Xi Jinping speaks of our common aspiration.

Listening to the congratulatory message, a colorful picture of ten thousand miles of Shenzhou emerged. Running the party, running the country, running the army, internal affairs, foreign affairs and national defense Looking back on one years achievements, there are magnificent mountains and rivers drawn by hard core power, fireworks on the earth lit by the trivial matters of peoples livelihood, passion and warmth.

Time is like water. Life has changed a person. We all have our own time stories. On the Internet and in the circle of friends, we salute the unforgettable year 2019 in different ways.

President Xi Jinping is also paying tribute. National Day ceremony, Tiananmen tower waving moment, deeply engraved in our minds.

Pay homage to history, to the times and to the people.

As President Xi said, all of these have gathered together to praise the new China and strive for a new era, adding infinite strength to us.

There is an emotional confession in the congratulatory messageu2014u2014

I forge my heart along the journey of the Chinese revolution.

Xibaipo of Hebei, Gutian of Fujian, Yanan of Shaanxi, Zunyi of Guizhou, Jinggangshan of Jiangxi, Jinzhai of Anhui, Luliang of Shanxi, site of Shanghai First Congress, Nanhu red boat of Jiaxing, and Xiangshan revolutionary memorial of Beijing Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, there has been a period of red pursuit to inspire and inspire people.

To make a solemn promise. A I word shows President Xi Jinpings sincere courage to the party, nation and nation.

A kind of spirit is surging in the congratulatory messageu2014u2014

The more difficult it is, the more forward it will be.;

We are not afraid of wind and rain, nor of danger..

When the boat is in the middle of the river and people are in the middle of the mountain, the more dangerous it is to enter, the more dangerous it is to leave. In the new era, we need a great struggle with many new historical characteristics.

Struggle against poverty, disaster, negative corruption, perverse tendencies, bullying, and all attempts to crush the Chinese people and slow down the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation until the final victory.

This year, as the top leader of the party and the state, general secretary Xi Jinping took out 12 visits in nearly a month to investigate and research all over the country. The 7 overseas visits totaled 30 days. He held more than 80 bilateral meetings with foreign dignitaries to China, attended 4 major home office diplomatic activities, presided over meetings, listened to work reports, reviewed important documents, sent congratulatory letters and wrote back letters. The busy index has been refreshed again and again.

But as he said in his message, no matter how busy you are, you should take the time to take a walk among the villagers. Everyone told me a lot of things in my heart, which I always remember.

He mentioned the Dulong People, the villagers of Xiadang Township, Wang Jieban soldiers, the students of Sports University, the children of Macao and the elderly volunteers. He also praised you and me who defend the motherland, safeguard peace, stick to their posts and work hard.

Where does Chinas power come from? Achievements condense the hard work and sweat of the strivers in the new era.

Why does China advocate inspiration? To promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind and make unremitting efforts to create a better future for mankind.

A telescope with a history can see better. The Opium War in 1840 left humiliation, pain and darkness at the beginning of modern Chinese history. 1840u20142020u3002 180 years of exploration and 180 years of development. Finally, the Communist Party of China led the people to the milestone of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and achieving the first Centennial goal.

When we put todays new era into the dimension of modern Chinese history, it is not hard to come to such a conclusion: the defeat of China at that time was in the system, and the strength of China today is in the system.

2020 is also the starting point for us to march towards the second Centennial goal.

The history is long and turbulent, with calm and turbulent waves. President Xi Jinpings words were meaningful.

The 5000 year long river of Chinese civilization has many twists and turns, but it still flows eastward, surging forward. This is the extraordinary power of China.

All the good in the dream will be realized in the attention of seize the day, never lose the youth! (end)