When the driver died suddenly, his fists were already purple

 When the driver died suddenly, his fists were already purple

At about 11:30 a.m., a reporter from Nandu came to the scene of the incident: Longhua Heping route is from the south to the north, near exit a of Qinghu metro station. The reporter saw that the involved vehicle was a white BYD car with green license plate, which was a new energy vehicle, and the vehicle had been cordoned off.

A nearby witness told reporters that at eight or nine oclock in the morning, he saw the white car parked on the side of the road and felt something was wrong, so he went to ask about it. But when he knocked on the window many times, there was no response. The window is full of fog. I look inside carefully. The driver clenches his fists and leans on the drivers chair. His hands are purple, like eggplant. Later, the witness hurriedly called the police, when 120 arrived, the driver was dead.

The witness also revealed that after the police arrived at the scene, they took control of the road section and found that the white car had already stopped on the road at 11 oclock last night. At that time, the driver came out of the activity and later sat down.

Reporters at the scene also learned that the dead suspected as a didi network car driver. Reporter then verified this to didi platform. Mr. Wang, a staff member of didi travel public communication department, said that the dead was indeed didi driver. We are very sad and sorry to learn that the drivers master died unexpectedly. It is understood that the driver died unexpectedly after stopping the order receiving service. The platform staff will contact the drivers family members as soon as possible, and will provide assistance to the drivers family members within their capabilities. . Mr. Wang said that at present, the platform is communicating with the police to understand the specific cause of death of the driver.

On this matter, Longhua police said, the public security organ preliminary investigation, the dead for sun (male, 44 years old), through preliminary forensic judgment, died because of sudden death.

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