After 80 deputy county magistrate imitates Li Jiaqi to live feed chicken and become popular: I am very surprised

 After 80 deputy county magistrate imitates Li Jiaqi to live feed chicken and become popular: I am very surprised

This is a 32 second short video triggered by revelry. Its only 800 years away from the millennium old store! Dont talk much, eat chicken online! The post-80s leading cadre, with exaggerated tone and blank expression, chewed 4 grilled chickens, and instantly spread the fire all over the network.

Yesterday afternoon, in an exclusive interview with the governor of Changan Street, Wang Shuai said that his popularity was unexpected, but he would continue to be a spokesman and try to help local villagers bring goods. The above statement is also in line with the new years vision of a well-known Internet company.

The butterfly changes after the doctors chat

Wang Shuai, born in 1983, majored in information and electronic engineering, and later entered the Information Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences. In October last year, when he was a deputy researcher, he was sent to Shanghe County for training and served as deputy county head of science and technology, mainly responsible for business and economic work.

Shanghe, though subordinate to Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, is a traditional agricultural county with a population of 640000 and a population of 500000. The first gateway in front of Wang Shuai is how to sell the local agricultural products.

Young people, there is a way for young people. In 2019, he decided to bring goods through live broadcast, I realize that live broadcast will be the next e-commerce outlet. Moreover, Shanghe is one of the first 12 pilot counties of village broadcasting plan in Shandong Province. Cadres take the lead to promote local online celebrities to enjoy the Internet together.

Live broadcast of Wang Shuai

Its just that the reality is bone felt. For the first time, Wang Shuai and Zhang didnt open their mouth. Standing in the studio, they were embarrassed and cold. They only said, the sesame oil is very fragrant, and the eggs are delicious.. So the netizen left a message: the deputy county magistrate is not dedicated and not serious, how is the host introducing.

Lack of understanding of products and live broadcast skills, Wang Shuai adjusted himself after reflection. On the one hand, he specialized in the research of agricultural products with Shanghe characteristics, on the other hand, he learned from many Internet audiences, such as humorous language, relaxed expression, and tried to broadcast again and againu2014u2014

At the watermelon festival in May, he sold 200 watermelons in 10 seconds; at the melon Festival, he sold more than 15000 Jin of sweet potatoes in two hours; sold local eggs, the order quantity he brought could be arranged for two months before delivery.

At that time, he had a good sense of humor: wait a moment, everyone. Ill call the chicken first and ask when I can get out.

Its a natural law that the melon ripens and the ground falls. Wang Shuai, who can jokingly say call the chicken and call out baby skillfully, finally ushered in a big explosion on the way of Internet red.

Four for 40000

On December 26, Wang Shuai, who had participated in the organizational study, brushed his circle of friends and found that the full screen was full of reports about himself, as well as relatives and friends came to check whether the deputy county magistrate who called out top, even buy Ga and buy it was himself.

More direct evidence is that Shanghe County, a product called Royal grilled chicken, was snapped up by netizens from all over the world. Its good to sell 50 in a day on weekdays. As of the 28th, more than 30000 of them have been sold. The output of the factory cant be supplied.

At this point, the post-80s doctor deputy county magistrate realized that he had become red and prosperous, and the local characteristic agricultural products also had a high degree of attention. And the above great change is just due to a short video with a duration of only 32 seconds.

On the weekend of December 22, Wang Shuai participated in the production of the short video for the first time, and was asked to challenge Wang Dawei and imitate Li Jiaqi. For the latter, he had heard of it before, but had not seen the live video, so he had to make up for it. Its really interesting to see vice county magistrate Wang study it carefully. There are staff laughing.

Wang Shuai recorded as many as ten times from the afternoon to the evening, from saying the phrase wrong, to being accused of being too serious, to the completion of production and uploading to Tencent micro vision. Grilled chicken also ate four until he couldnt eat any more.

What he didnt expect was that it was the four grilled chicken he ate that sold out more than 40000 of them. I didnt expect to be popular this time. I think the direct reason is that the video is novel, pleasant and interesting. In an interview with the governor of Changan Street, Wang Shuai thought that the key lies in the good foundation and high quality of this product in Shanghe county.

This popularity also made Wang Shuai realize that in addition to live broadcast, short video, VR and other emerging means of communication can be well used to develop the local network economy. As a network celebrity, he is determined to continue to be a good spokesperson of the business - to bring goods out, so that consumers can get benefits, so that people can get income.

Look at agriculture, rural areas and farmers again

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Tencent micro vision was the first platform for Wang Shuai (ID: Yellow River Wang Xiaoshuai). Only five works were released, and the number of fans reached 108000, and 235000 were praised.

Among them, three short videos about Royal grilled chicken, with a viewing volume of 3.856 million. The other two are that he is trying to eat sweet crisp and stewed pear with ice sugar. The latter has 200000 hits.

Careful observation shows that Wang Shuai also has a label micro vision of e-commerce facilitator for agriculture, rural areas and farmers on the platform, and attached a link to the shop where the grass and agricultural products are purchased. Take grilled chicken as an example. Up to now, more than 40000 pieces have been sold in the whole network, and it is also noted that the goods will be delivered 10 days after the order is placed. From this, we can see the extent of the fire.

What is micro vision of three rural e-commerce? It is understood that with the help of short video e-commerce, Tencent is helping districts and counties to promote and sell agricultural and special products, thus promoting the integrated development of rural industry and e-commerce.

As for the specific path, it is to establish a number of typical e-commerce products, create benchmarking cases, and bring new opportunities for the development of traditional agriculture by improving the popularity of districts, counties and specialty brands.

In this respect, in addition to Wang Shuai, who has become popular recently, micro vision has made many attempts. For example, in recent days, when the double festival comes, it cooperates with the Department of agriculture and rural areas of Guangdong Province to launch 20 tons of central reserve frozen pork through the short video platform. Users only need to search the Baishun butcher shop account on the micro vision platform to buy affordable and reassuring imported pork chops from Denmark.

Micro vision organizations reserve meat science video

Chen Peng, deputy general manager of Tencents short video community product department, as the relevant director of Wang Shuais popular short video launch platform, said that there are two starting points for micro vision to do so - to provide users with practical value, while eliminating the middlemans price difference link, and to provide users with high-quality and cost-effective goods.

All the past is preface. The year 2020 has come, Chen Peng revealed, micro vision will continue to try in the field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, such as cooperating with relevant departments in Guangdong to create one town, one product, that is, one town, one brand, one-stop support, to help more high-quality agricultural products to reach thousands of households.

One of the biggest advantages of micro vision is that it has both social and content attributes. Users can not only produce high-quality short video content in Tencent micro vision, but also spread high-quality content to more user groups through Tencents own social ecology. In the field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, this advantage still holds - to promote relevant content to users as much as possible and expand the influence of content.

Tencent, with its social skills behind it, is more likely to have a sharing fission. With its innovation and positive energy spreading attitude, Tencent strives to make excellent products, and has unlimited possibilities to overlook the realization of the above new years vision.

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